A Fairytale Party

At My Little Bookcase, we love anything bookish, especially parties based on favourite books and characters.

We are extremely lucky to be able to feature a fairytale party planned and created by one of our readers. Green Mama is a dedicated mother to her two little girls and is extremely creative in her craft and writing. In  my eyes, she has truly outdone herself with this divine party. The decor is simply sublime but I think I’m most impressed by the thought that went into the party games. Be sure to let us know which features of the party impressed you.

We hope to read a lot more from Green Mama, and if you’re interested she shares her family adventures at Adventures in the Land of Cherubs. For now, she shares with us the planning and culmination of a fun-filled and thoughtful fairy tale party.

It’s no secret I love words. I had no doubt that my cherubs would love stories- they really had no choice. I was thrilled when BabyG asked for a fairytale party. The Princess and the Pea is one of my favourite fairy tales and I used Lauren Child’s beautiful version as the centre of my party planning and styling.

The Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child (Published by Picture Puffin/Penguin Books)

I collected vintage sheets to turn into princess mattresses and used the leftover sheeting to make some bunting.

I planned to make royal capes for every child, a fantastic idea right up until the point where we did the guest list- 25 children (we had 17 on the day). Fare thee well, royal capes. Instead, I made royal purses instead of lollybags. They had gold chocolate coins, a lollypop, a finger puppet and a rubber frog (the Frog Prince). I sat these on the dessert table in a glass cake dish alongside the birthday cake, a magic mirror and a glass case holding a cushion with a pea atop.

The cake was a three-layer rainbow concoction smothered in icing and decorated with a tiara.

In between games we fed the children and their parents. There was poisoned apple fairy bread, frog prince jelly, magic logs (sausage rolls) and royal chicken wings, and then after the treasure hunt it was time for the birthday cake, followed by number 4 cookies and cupcakes, enthusiastically scoffed by adults and children alike, including my own.

The games started with ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ The children took turns being the wolf, and the rest of them crept until ‘dinner time’, when they would all shriek and run back to the start.

The next game I eloquently called ‘Get the Witch’. We had a large picture of a witch and stuck it to the terrace screen. The children took turns hitting it with water balloons, and whenever they connected we let out a huge cheer.

The last game was a treasure hunt. The Man and I went through a list of fairytales and came up with clues/symbols to represent them. Each clue was a quick version of the story that was read aloud, and then the children were asked a question that would lead them to the next clue. The first story was Jack and the Beanstalk, and the question was ‘where would BabyG plant magic beans?’ Printed on royal scrolls and tied with gold ribbons, the clues took the children into every corner of the yard, whilst The Man enlisted some help to hang the final clue(prize)- the Frog Prince’s golden ball- aka a piñata.

And that was my cherub’s fourth birthday. She had a wonderful day that I’m sure she’ll remember, if not the details then at least the feelings evoked. Myself, I’ll never forget the feeling of watching a tribe of children running through our backyard having a wonderful time, my cherubs in the middle of the hoard with gigantic smiles.

Book Details:

The Princess and the Pea

Author: Lauren Child


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd, September 2006

Buy online from The Book Depository or The Nile

A Fairytale Party


  1. Zoe said: On May 23, 2011

    Very glad to have discovered your website!
    Love the cookies hanging from the branches – such a lovely way to present them.

  2. Thanks Jackie! Susan at The Book Chook helped me brainstorm- she wrote a series of articles about incorporating fairy tales in parties for children.

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