Storytelling with Mega Bloks

My daughter, Cam, loves fairy tales and the colour pink. Although I do share her fondness for fairy tales, I don’t really know where she gets her love of pink; I’ve never been a big fan myself.

What I have always enjoyed, as a child and as an adult, is playing with blocks. And until now I’ve never been able to convince Cam that they are lots of fun.

She became a block-convert when I presented her with this  Mini Bloks set (from Mega Bloks).  The set comes with pink bloks (along with other pretty pastel colours) and a window (just perfect for a fairy tale princess!)

As soon as she saw the window, she was desperate to make a Rapunzel scene, and so we did.

We enjoyed using the blocks to tell the story of Rapunzel. It wasn’t long before we were using other pieces such as the door, fence and flowers to create scenes for Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood.

It’s widely recognised that Mega Bloks are great for creativity, imagination, problem solving, fine motor skills, focus, attention and organisation. We’ve discovered that they are also a wonderful tool to assist in telling and creating stories. They provide children with the confidence and prompts to re-tell stories themselves.

After some suggestions from our Facebook friends we are also looking forward to creating Hansel and Gretel and Alice in Wonderland themes too. How would you use the pretty pink window?

Mini Bloks are a little smaller than the original Mega Bloks, and are suitable for ages 2 +.  This set is also available in classic colours. The full Mega Bloks range is huge,  catering for all ages.  You can see the full range at

Storytelling with Mega Bloks


  1. They look really cute ( and so does Cam!)

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