The Little Book Adventure 2012: Practise Challenge


February is a month dedicated to book lovers. The 14th of February marks International Book Giving Day and Library Lover’s Day in Australia.


  • Give a book gift this month. Remember to write a message to the recipient on the inside cover of the book.
  • Return here once you have completed this practise challenge. Leave a comment and tell us about the recipient of your gift and the book you gave.


We have one book to give away. One participant from this practise challenge will be randomly selected as the recipient of this book gift. You must leave a comment under this post or post a photo to our facebook page before midnight (ADT) on 29 February 2012 for your chance to win a book this month.

Remember, if you would like to participate in The Little Book Adventure, we ask that you complete the registration form. This allows us to make contact with you and choose suitable books for your children if you are selected as a random spot prize winner.

The Little Book Adventure 2012: Practise Challenge


  1. I am really excited about this book adventure. I gave my children ‘A tiger came to tea’ for valentines day, so practice challenge already completed.

  2. On Book Giving Day I donated a lovely pile of books to my son’s Preschool and I also gave my children Down the Back of the Chair by Margaret Mahy. Before I gave them the book I hid some treasures down the back of our lounges and after we read the story they made some wonderful discoveries. We had so much fun.

    • What wonderful and inspiring ideas! On behalf of the Preschool, thanks Mel for the lovely books. Your love of and promotion of literacy is a gift to our learning community.

  3. Hi there – love this idea. We donated one book to our newly opened library and we donated another to our preschool. I will post some pics of my son getting in on the action to your page! Thanks Jodie

  4. I gave my nearly three year old a copy of ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’ by Mem Fox. It is a book I had always wanted to buy and I was super lucky to find a perfect copy at a local market. Of course it has become her new favorite at bed time and she was thrilled when her teacher read it at kinder the other day because she could join in with the words.

  5. Yesterday, my husband and I gave my son one of the Miffy books “Miffy’s Bicycle” because we are so proud of him for settling in so well at preschool and not crying when we said goodbye yesterday. It was a special day. Inside the book we wrote “we are so proud of you for being a big boy and not crying at preschool”.

  6. I gave my hubby a book on baby dragons for valentines day with a lovely little note inside. I often wonder if people still write notes inside books. I have a book my nan gave me in 1985, and she didnt write a lot but I can look at it know who gave it to me and that she was thinking of me when she bought the book.

  7. I’ve never been able to bring myself to writing a note inside a book… it’s writing… on a book…! Yet I love it when I come across books with special notes inside them. I wonder how the person could possibly give it away. Maybe I should just get over it!

    I gave the Munchkin “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” this month, after we saw the movie. He LOVED it!

    I can’t wait until he can read… he’s so enthusiastic and is picking it up so quickly now he’s at school, but I’m not sure how we’re going to survive level 1 readers and baby books! He wants to read what he has been read, and that’s going to be just a little while off I think!

    Love the idea of the Reading Adventure. Can’t wait to see the next challenge.

  8. I sent one of my favourite picture books “Amelia Ellicott’s Garden” to my friend’s little boy in Germany. My friend has been loving chickens lately, and lives in an apartment building, so I just know she will love the story!

  9. I gifted my friend who has a child with autism the 8 book set on When I’m Feeling by Trace Moroney as she had been looking at purchasing them for a while but didn’t get around to doing it because of the million other things she had going on. She was thrilled to receive it and has since told me that her son has been enjoying the books and it’s become a part of his daily therapy at home :)

  10. I gave my four year old daughter a beginner book called “Arthur’s Reading Place” by Marc Brown, I actually picked it up with a few other first reader books at Vinnies! She thought it was quite funny as Arthur didn’t think his little sister D.W couldn’t read……in the end she proves him wrong, and he also sits in wet paint as he didn’t read the sign! Maybe she might take note and never underestimate her own little sister!

  11. I have no idea why it never occurred to me to right in the kids books before. I only joined up tonight so I wrote in the book I bought my daughter yesterday. The book’s called “It’s showtime, Elvis!” by Andrew Murray and Nicola Slater. My daughter’s 8 months old and has suddenly developed a quiff of curls. Watching her smiling and wiggling her hips on the floor and you’d soon see why we nicknamed her Elvis. I think we’ll all get a kick reading the book down the years and my description of just why I bought it for her :)

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