Book List: Potty Books

On My Potty (Board Book)

Author/Illustrator:Leslie Patricelli

Publisher: Candlewick Press, RRP $9.95

ISBN: 9781406328370

Suitable for: Ages 1+

A story based on a baby’s inner voice as he makes the choice to visit the potty.

Potty Animals

Author/Illustrator: Hope Vestergaard & Valeria Petrone

Publisher: Sterling, RRP $13.99

ISBN: 978-0-86461-972-3

Suitable for:

A cute and novel story about potty etiquette.

See inside the book at Koala Books

Dinosaur vs. The Potty

Author/Illustrator: Bob Shea

Publisher: Hyperion/Dinsey

ISBN: 9781423113355

Suitable for: Ages 2+

Dinosaur is too busy to go to the potty. He doesn’t think he needs to go, that is until he starts doing the potty dance! I think you’ll feel like you’re reading about your own busy toddler in this story.

Book List: Potty Books

  1. Have you seen the Peek a Poo book?

    My kids love this book, it is a little funky as you get to peek inside a baby animals nappy – but it worked on my 3 year old very well, she is autistic and had trouble relating to everything else we had tried.

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