Book List: Windy Weather Stories

Stories for a windy day by My Little Bookcase

The weather in  Melbourne at the moment is a little crazy. It can only be descried as wild, woolly and very, very windy. We’re not getting much sleep at night in fear that one of our gorgeous, big gum trees is going to topple onto our roof.  During the day we’re a bit scared of leaving the house in fear of being picked up and blown away.

Here are a few books we’ve been reading this week. Have you got any windy weather stories to add to the list?

Children's Book Review of Hold On Tight by Sara ActonHold on Tight

ISBN: 978-1742833491

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Scholastic Australia,

Suitable for ages 3+

This is such a whimsical story, told beautifully alongside gentle watercolour illustrations. On a windy day, a little girl wonders what it might be like to be blown away by the wind.  Her imagination takes her on a wild adventure riding on leaves, sharing tea with a bird, chasing fairies and bouncing on clouds. It’s when she imagines being caught on a cloud as the sky turns dark and loud that she chooses to hold on tight to her mother’s hand.

Children's Book Review of Peggy by Anna WalkerPeggy

Author/Illustrator: Anna Walker

ISBN: 978-1742832708

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Scholastic Press Australia, September, 2012

Suitable for ages: 3+

Day in and day out, Peggy eats breakfast, plays in her yard and watches the pigeons. Until one day, she is picked up by a gust of wind and plonked in the middle of a busy city. Want to know more about this book? Read our review of Peggy.

Children's Book Review of MoreMore

Peter Schossow


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Gecko Press, October 2010

Suitable for ages: 2+

A man is taken on thrilling journey by a gust of wind in this wordess picture book.  Nervous at first, he becomes so exhilarated he wants to do it all again. Want to know more about this book? Read our review of More.

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Book List: Windy Weather Stories

  1. It’s been windy in Sydney this past week too!

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