Book Spotlight: I Love My Mum by Anna Walker

Just look at the pastel pink cover of this book, along with the warm embrace of mother and child and you just know this book could possibly tug at your heart.

As with many Anna Walker books, the illustrations are the star of this book. Although understated, your eyes will definitely be drawn to the soft water-colour images. Pastel colours are prominent in the illustrations, dappled with rich red objects. The images of Ollie and his mum evoke warmth, tenderness, admiration and love.

The book starts with Mum and Ollie doing some household chores. Most mums will attest to the notion that children are guaranteed to want to play with their mother while they are undertaking household chores. So while they are hanging out the washing, Ollie asks his mum, ‘What will we do?’ Mum suggests they ‘try something new.’

As readers we share a day with Ollie and his mum as they talk, see new things, play, hide, eat treats and share goodnight cuddles and kisses; Nothing too extraordinary.

The story is told using rhyming text. It will make mothers feel special, but Anna Walker does well to appeal to toddlers and young children with her use of simple sentences.

I Love My Mum highlights the truth that children simply love their mums. A day together doesn’t need to be filled with special outings and scheduled activities. It is discovering new things and having Mum by your side that makes the world a happy and loving place for a child.

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Book Details:

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Author: Anna Walker


Format: Paperback

RRP: $14.99 (aud)

Publisher: Scholastic Australia, March 2011

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