Children’s Book Review: What Do Werewolves Do When It’s Not Halloween + Spookifying Family Photos for Halloween

Children's book review of What Do Werewolves Do When It's Not Halloween?

I’m sure you know the work of Heath McKenzie. He’s illustrated dozens of wonderful children’s books. They’re all eye-catching and super entertaining.

And this book, both written and illustrated by Heath, is no exception. What Do Werewolves Do When it’s Not Halloween? is a witty book that provides a fun and unique perspective on Halloween. We spend so much time preparing for it, but what actually happens when it’s all over? What do all the Frankensteins, ghosts, skeletons and werewolves do for the other 364 days of the year?

With a double page spread dedicated to each creepy and spooky creature, Heath humorously gives us a sneak peek into the lives of these creatures. You may not be surprised to read that witches practise their spells, but I bet you didn’t know that vampires clean their teeth, mummies try on patterned and colourful bandages and zombies visit the library.

But werewolves are the most interesting creatures of all. They don’t hide away at all; they return to their lives as normal. The final page leaves readers wondering whether there are any werewolves living amongst them, disguised as humans in their workplaces or classrooms.

Book Details

Title: What Do Werewolves Do When It’s Not Halloween?

Author/Illustrator: Heath McKenzie

ISBN: 978-1742838793

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Scholastic Australia, October 2013 - Australia's #1 online bookstore

Follow-up Activity

We’ve been playing with PicMonkey again, which has released a lot of fun new photo editing features just in time for Halloween. Cammy loved exploring the new features and it was a great way for her to develop her mouse control.

Using Picmonkey to edit photos for Halloween

What Do Werewolves Do When It’s Not Halloween? suggests that werewolves go back to living a very human-like life after Halloween. It got us thinking what type of spooky creatures we might become on Halloween. We thought it would be fun to use PicMonkey to transform ourselves into creepy and spooky creatures.

Spookify Family Photos for Halloween by My Little Bookcase

The thought of seeing real images of loved ones transformed into scary beings might scare small children. You know your kids best so, although we had a lot of fun playing with our photos, it would be best to use your discretion when undertaking this activity with your kids.
Of course, Cam wanted to be a witch:

Spookify Family Photos for Halloween

I quite like to idea of becoming a vampire. The idea of being immortal appeals to me very much:

Spookify Family Photos for Halloween by My Little Bookcase

We turned Daddy into a zombie. He works so hard for us that I’m surprised he hasn’t already turned into a one- he he!

Spookify Family Photos for Halloween

Cammy had the most fun transforming Ike into a colourful skeleton. She couldn’t stop giggling.

Spookify Family Photos for Halloween

Go to PicMonkey to spookify your own family photos this Halloween.

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Children’s Book Review: What Do Werewolves Do When It’s Not Halloween + Spookifying Family Photos for Halloween


  1. I can just imagine Cammy giggling. Too spooky for Jack – he’s quite sensitive about scary things – but how fun is that! And look at little Ike! Cute :)

  2. I love that you got your family onto spookifying pics on picmonkey!

  3. Oh yikes! Daddy as a zombie is quite freaky!! Very realistic!! Have you watched The Walking Dead? Looks like you had fun!

  4. Nae said: On October 8, 2013

    Lol nice pics
    I giggled at baby Ike, I can imagine how much Cammy would have enjoyed doing that picture :-)

  5. What a fun activity. I reckon my toddler would freak if she saw us looking like that but would probably get a real kick out of making herself into something spooky! Might have to give it a go. Do you need to have the Royale version or does the free one do it too?

  6. Those photos are so well done!!! Our kids are yet to be exposed to Halloween but this would be so much fun for them in the future.

  7. My boys are obsessed with zombies and werewolves and it’s bewildering because I certainly haven’t taught them about such things. They are going to love that book. Thank you :). What a great followup activity too! xo P

  8. Some of those photos are really quite scary! LOL
    It’s so great to be able to incorporate technology in such a way that supports learning, especially with literacy. :) This looks like fun.

  9. This sounds like a fun book :-) And what great fun you all had with the photos! Love them!! heee heee hee

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