GUEST POST: Top 10 Valentine’s Day Books

Bethany of No Twiddle Twaddle shares our love of books, which is why we just love visiting her blog. Make sure you visit No Twiddle twaddle for a great range of book lists, reviews and play ideas.

Bethany has kindly compiled a wonderful book list for My Little Bookcase readers while I continue to spend recovery time with my family. This is a gorgeous little list of books that your children will surely fall in love with this Valentine’s Day.

You’ll also find a few of my favourite books at the bottom of the list.

Hi! I’m Bethany from the children’s book blog No Twiddle Twaddle. I love reading My Little Bookcase, so I’m thrilled that Jackie is allowing me to share ten of the best Valentine’s Day picture books with you.

I’ve read a lot of Valentine’s Day picture book lists full of “I love you” books and sentimental stories, so I decided instead to focus on the best picture books that are actually seasonal Valentine’s Day books. And, my preschool book-tester is a boy, so this list is full of entertaining picture books that are sure to please any child (even if they aren’t into mushy stuff!)

The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond
Who couldn’t love a book that begins, “One day it started raining hearts, and Cornelia Augusta caught one.” And, the cute valentines that Cornelia then makes and gives from the shower of hearts are every bit as sweet.

A Valentine’s Day staple, The Day It Rained Hearts is a perfect book to give your children the inspiration to start making some creative valentines.

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by Paul Yalowitz
If you like a nice sentimental book for Valentine’s Day, Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch will give you that nice warm feeling inside. Mr. Hatch is the grumpiest man in town until he gets a rather large valentine from an unknown person. With a couple twists in plot, children will learn that love both given and received can change a person from inside out.

Lilly’s Chocolate Heart by Kevin Henkes
Lilly can’t decide where to hide her chocolate foil wrapped heart, until she realizes that the easiest place to hide a chocolate heart is also the tastiest place.

Kevin Henkes’ writing is succinct and simple enough for the youngest child to understand, and every child will agree with Lilly’s solution to the chocolate dilemma.

A Village Full of Valentines by James Stevenson
This collection of short stories about Valentine’s Day in a village is rather quirky but funny.

If You’ll Be My Valentine by Cynthia Ryland and illustrated by Fumi Kosaka
Perfect for toddlers, If You’ll Be My Valentine lyrically portrays a small child making valentines for his family and pets.  I especially loved the warmth of familial love and care for nature expressed in the illustrations.

Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink by Diane de Groat
This picture book is perfect for preschool/elementary age boys with its realistic story about a boy who decides to write nasty valentines to a couple classmates rather than nice ones. With a real lesson on kindness and communication, the impression this book leaves on kids is more than sentimental.

The Best Valentine in the World by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat and illustrated by Lilian Obligado
If you love vintage books, you should look for a copy of this cute book about Ferdinand the Fox’s attempt to make the best valentine in the world for his sweetheart Florette (with full expectation of a lovely one in return, of course). The romance goes sour for Ferdinand when he finds out that Florette has {gasp} forgotten Valentine’s Day all together. Don’t worry though, Ferdinard learns a lesson about love when Florette proves that her devotion despite her absentmindedness. My preschooler loved this book so much, he insisted on making some green valentines just like Ferdinand’s.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Dolores by Barbara Samuels
The cover of Happy Valentine’s Day, Dolores is the perfect introduction to the inside mischievous Dolores (yes, the cat has every reason to be terrified!). While Dolores is not exactly a model sister for children to emulate (she “borrows” a necklace found in her sister’s drawer and then follows a sequence of lies to get herself out of trouble), children will get a kick out of the realistic sibling rivalry between Dolores and her older sister Faye. The book ends with a sweet resolution between sisters though with a dramatic eyeroll from Faye.

A Valentine Fantasy by Carolyn Haywood illustrated by Glenys and Victor Ambrus
If your child enjoys longer picture books with a strong storyline, this older picture book would be a great choice. With a fairy tale atmosphere, A Valentine Fantasy creates a new Valentines’ Day myth with its story about a young boy named Valentine and the golden bluebird. Valentine loves the golden bluebird, and when ordered to kill the bird for its golden heart, Valentine chooses of risk of death for himself in order to preserve the bird’s life.

Snow Valentines by Karen Gray Ruelle
This Level 2 Reader will tickle kids with its humorous chapters about a two siblings whose plans to make the best valentines for their parents keep getting thwarted, ironically by the unsuspecting parents themselves.

I’m an United States blogger, so Jackie is adding to my list a couple Australian favorites of hers:

Samuel’s Kisses by Karen Collum and Serena Gebbes (New Frontier Publishing)

Samuel loves to go shopping with his Mum but he meets lots of adults in the shopping centre who look glum and grumpy. Samuel knows that by blowing them a kiss he can turn their frown into a smile.

What Is this Thing Called Love? by Davide Cali and Anna Laura Cantone (Wilkins Farago)

A sweet book  of questions and answers, as Emma tries her best to quiz her friends and family on what love really is.

I Like Chocolate by Davide Cali and Evelyn Daviddi (Wilkins Farago)

This book is not only an ode to chocolate in all its shapes and sizes, colours and flavours, but also has a beautiful message about the role chocolate plays in our friendships.

Thanks, for letting me share some of the best Valentine’s Day picture books with you and your children. If you enjoyed this post, please stop by my blog No Twiddle Twaddle and check out my book reviews, children’s play activities, and popular children’s free eBook lists. You can find me also on Facebook, Pinterest, and in my Google+ community Great Books for Kids.

GUEST POST: Top 10 Valentine’s Day Books


  1. A lovely list! I was wondering if Samuel’s Kisses would be in there and yes, it was. I adore that book. I’m don’t recognise the others but I’ll be searching for them at the library today :)

  2. Oh wow! This reminds me, we really need to get to the library! I’m off to the bookshop tomorrow too to pick up one of these lovely Aussie tales! :) x

  3. What a great list…i hadn’t even thought about Valentine’s stories but it is a wonderful idea!

  4. Fantastic post! Many of my favorite Valentine books are on the list and so many to check out! :)

  5. I haven’t seen any of these! Lovely to have a bunch of books to go seeking out :)

  6. Loving all these loved up books, will def have to get some by next Valentines Day any excuse to buy more books really!)

  7. Thanks for the list! We’re loving a book called “No More Kissing!” at the moment. It’s by Emma Chichester Clark. A little monkey is sick of kisses.. and then his baby brother is born. A really cute story :)

  8. I would also add Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney to this great list :)

  9. What a gorgeous collection of books ~ have pinned to check them out, thank you!

  10. I really like the sounds of Somebody Loves You Mr Hatch. I don’t usually like lovey-type books they seem to be overly mushy and not particularly deep :( But these ones sound nice.

    Oh and I ordered Same just a little different after your recommendation Jackie (along with another one, couldnt help myself hehe) they should be here any day now… can’t wait till they get here :)

  11. Great list. I really like The Day it Rained Hearts. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it on any of our bookshelves! Holding out hope that it will reappear by Thursday. I Love Chocolate would be very appropriate for my son, and it looks like there are a couple cute animal-type books here he’d like, too. Thanks!

  12. Great list. I love James Stevenson’s book.

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