play [plā]


1. To engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation


My Little Bookcase is now on Instagram, and we’ve joined forces with the best of Australia’s Mummy Bloggers to create the #playmatters community because we believe play matters for our children.

Together, we have set up the #playmatters community on Instagram as a way for parents to connect with each other, to remind us daily that play is important for our children,  and as a source of endless inspiration.

I’m excited to be using Instagram to share a little more of our world with you; a world beyond books that includes play in all its forms. You can follow us here.


Would you like to be a part of this #playmatters community? It’s super easy!

This is how you can play too :)

  • Take a photo of your child/ren playing
  • Upload the photo to Instagram

If you’re not on Instagram, you can find inspiration by visiting our #Playmatters Pinterest board


Book often inspire our play. Below you will find 10 of our favourite playful books. These are books that feature children with wild imaginations and a thirst for fun and adventure.  Follow the links for book details.

When Henry Caught Imaginitis by Nick Bland

Not a Box by Antoinette Portis

And Red Galoshes by Glenda Millard and Jonathan Bentley

The Great Expedition by Peter Carnavas

The Aunties Three by Nick Bland

The Terrible Suitcase by Emma Allen and Freya Blackwood

Shadow by Suzy Lee

Clancy and Millie and the Very Fine House byLibby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood

Adventures with Grandpa by Rosemary Mastnak

Rudie Nudie by Emma Quay

Do you have a favourite play-inspired book?


Adventures at home with Mum

Aspiring Mum

At Home with Ali


Danya Banya

Easy Peasy Kids

Four Little Piglets

Just for Daisy

Ladybug’s Spots

Laughing Kids Learn

Learn with Play at Home

Learning to Play and Playing to Learn

Lessons Learnt Journal

My Little Bookcase

Octavia and Vicky

One Perfect Day


Playing and Learning Begins at Home

Triple T Mum

Wildlife Fun 4 Kids



  1. What a great list of books. I’ve just added several of them to our wish list. Thanks!

  2. Lots of new ones there for me…thanks Jackie, i love your recommendations!!

  3. Great post Jackie :). Every time I visit MLB, I end up adding more books to our wish list. (That’s a good thing btw). I’ll see you over on Instagram sweetie xoxo P

  4. Oh wow! These look like fabulous books! I think we need a trip to the book store tomorrow! Or perhaps the library! :)

  5. What a lovely playful list Jackie. I don’t have one of these at home. So sad. Off to the shops to find Rudie Nudie I think :)

  6. Can’t wait to join you all in this wonderful adventure on Instagram! And your list of playful books looks great :-)

  7. hmmmm Jackie you know you are single handedly responsible for our fortnightly book budget spend :) Hmmm this fortnight we might get…. Not a Box…or… When Harry Caught Imaginitis… :D

  8. We’re going on a bear hunt!
    We’ve played that over and over, and over :)

  9. Definitely agree – play matters! Have just followed you on Instagram, I’m only new over there, so still getting the hang of it. Great list of books btw – I love Clancy and Millie and the Very Fine House – and lots of new ones for me to look out for. :)

  10. A fabulous list of books… as always!
    We love the Not a Box book but that Imaginitus one sounds awesome!

  11. This is a wonderful idea for a list and a great list! We really enjoyed Clancy and Millie and the Very Fine House and Not a Box! I’m looking forward to reading other books on this list.

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