Special Announcement and Book Review: There’s Going to Be a Baby

We are preparing for something exciting at My Little Bookcase.

Those of you who have been reading posts on My Little Bookcase for some time will know that we’ve  experienced some heartbreak in trying to grow our family.

I wrote an honest post at the beginning of this year, and I was flooded with an overwhelming number of supportive comments and emails. I think this contributed greatly to me feeling more positive throughout 2012.

That positivity seems to have made all the difference:

We are 24 weeks pregnant. We call our little bub B2 (Cam’s in-utero name was Bob), who is due late November.

I’ve been scared to acknowledge the pregnancy publicly, in superstitious fear that I would jinx the pregnancy. We’ve seen and heard B2’s heart,  watched her wriggle about many times on the monitor, and I’ve felt her playful kicks. I just wasn’t prepared to lose her.

I wrapped myself in cotton wool during the early weeks, which is the sole reason we didn’t finish our own book storage for The Little Book Adventure: Project #1.

When I found myself purchasing this book for B2’s first Christmas present, I realised that I was ready to tell the world our wonderful news. And, it really is the most wonderful news. We are all incredibly excited, and Cam just can’t wait to be a big sister.

In our home, we prepare for special events and changes in our lives by reading books (I know many of you do too). We’ve got a huge list of books to get through as a family as we prepare for the arrival of our newest family member, but I thought I’d share our favourite one with you.

Please share the books you read to your children when you were expecting another child. I’d love to read those to Cam too.


I originally wrote this review for Tiny and Little- Issue 5. We were pregnant at the time. My family and I were smitten with the book then, and it’s been so lovely to be able to finally read it again.

‘There’s going to be a baby’ starts this story alongside an illustration of a mother sitting beside her toddler’s bed, and so begins a beautiful portrayal of the last precious months spent between a mother and her first child as they prepare for the arrival of a new baby.

The story starts in winter and the gentle illustrations show the mother’s tummy growing over time as each of the seasons come and go.

The story records the conversations between the mother and her child throughout the pregnancy. The boy asks a series of questions about the baby, but the one that dominates the story is ‘what will the baby do?’

The mother suggests a range of ideas over the months while they are on their various outings together. She entertains the idea of the baby becoming a painter and a gardener amongst other professions. The boy imagines his baby ‘brother’.

He gives an assortment of responses, signifying his mixed emotions about his sibling’s impending arrival. At first, he discounts his mother’s ideas, and seems protective of his life as it is. There are moments when he worries and asks his mother to make the baby go away. But, he eventually responds with kindness, care and excitement, and even becomes impatient to meet the baby.

You sense his joy in the last pages as he rides to the hospital in a train with his grandfather. He excitedly recalls details of the conversations he has shared with his mum. As they are about to enter the hospital room, the young boy says, ‘We’re going to love the baby aren’t we?’

The story is beautiful, and so too are the illustrations by Helen Oxenbury. She portrays the present moment with delightful pastel illustrations, and she uses a nostalgic, timeless style to capture the thoughts and dreams of the older brother.

This book has been an absolute pleasure for us to read with Cam over and over again.

Book Details:

Author: John Burningham

Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Walker Books, September 2011

RRP: A$17.95

Special Announcement and Book Review: There’s Going to Be a Baby


  1. Cat said: On August 5, 2012

    Oh, I’m teary for you lovely – HUGE congratulations! We LOVED that book when I was pregnant with #2 and I cried often when reading it. We had a book called, “I’m going to be a big brother” too which was cute…and a few from the library about a tiger who had to look after his little sister that I can’t remember the name of. The Charlie & Lola books helped us too cos we talked about bigger siblings when reading them. I look forward to following your journey lovely! xxxx

    • Thank you so much Cat. Cam loves Charlie and Lola- so thank you for the suggestion. Charlie really is a lovely big brother isn’t her?

  2. Oooooooo when I caught site of that photo on FB I hoped this was the secret you had to tell!!!

    I am so happy for you all. Such wonderful, wonderful news. BIG congratulations to you all xxxxxx

    • Thank you Emma. Yes, I think many people would have guessed the same thing from the facebook pic -he he!

  3. Jackie, I’m just so rapt to hear your news! Congratulations to you all.

    Much love,
    Mandi J

  4. Oh Jackie, this was the most exciting post to read! I am just thrilled for you! Since reading your last post on expanding your family I have kept you in my thoughts, hoping that an announcement wouldn’t be too far away.
    I love the photos of Cam sitting so proudly with the book. She looks smitten to be a big sister in waiting!
    Finn was 20 months when Harper was born so his understanding of a new sibling was pretty limited but we did read a few books in preparation. ‘Daddy’s having a horse’ and ‘There’s a house inside Mummy’ were favourites :)
    Congrats again and wishing you a smooth and comfortable pregnancy. x

    • Thank you Amber for your thoughts. It means a lot. Cam is certainly looking forward to being a big sister ;)

  5. This is just the most wonderful news! I am so happy for you and your family Jackie! Congratulations!

    We read There’s a House inside my Mummy to James when I was pregnant with Emily and also Daddy’s Having a Horse.

  6. Congratulations Jackie, what wonderful news to share!
    Our older daughter was given this book for Christmas when we were 20weeks pregnant with our new bub and she loved hearing the story over and over again. ‘There’s a house inside my Mummy’ was another well loved story. These books are both still frequently pulled off the shelf, even though our new bub is now 15 months old (and there is certainly not going to be any more babies!)
    Once again, congratulations and I wish you all the best for the remaining weeks and the many years of joy ahead.

    • Thank you Kirsty. I think continuing to pull out the books shows how much your big girl loves being a big sister. :)

  7. That’s amazing news! I’m so happy for you! I can’t even remember what books we read in the lead up, I’m pretty sure we borrowed them from the library though. Our baby was actually two last tuesday! It has wizzed by!

    • Thank you Erica. Yes, time really does fly doesn’t it? Our little ones are not babies for long! :)

  8. Jackie I am soooo thrilled to hear about your wonderful news!! Congratulations to you and your family! I wish you well with the rest of the pregnancy and wait with anticipation for November to meet B2. *hugs*

  9. It made my day to see the pic on FB and to click through and read your wonderful news! Congratulations to all of you! How exciting for Cam – a promotion to big sis! That book sounds so lovely.

  10. Congrats, very exciting news for your family! 24 weeks!!! You are a good secret keeper!

  11. Ecstatic for you, gorgeous girl!! For all 3 of you! xx

  12. Congratulations – so happy for you :) that book is lovely and there will be many more to come to help ease in to be being a new sister and the challenges that they face as well as some whole new baby books and toddler books to explore.

  13. So, so, so excited for you both and for Cam! Wonderful news. Enjoy the next few months – and Cam’s predictable impatience for the arrival.

  14. Congrats Jackie. That’s wonderful news. I’m such a fan of what you are doing. As a fellow teacher, mother and book lover, I know how important it is to develop a love of reading at an early age. When I was pregnant with my number two, we read my son “hey hippopotamus, do babies eat cake too?”, “my daddy’s having a horse” and “spot’s baby sister”. Definitely helped in preparing him for the arrival of his baby sister.

  15. Congratulations.
    My fingers will stay crossed for a continued healthy pregnancy.

  16. Congratulations!! There is nothing more special than watching an older sibling show love to a new baby in the family! Enjoy x Tash

  17. Oh wow! That is fantastic beautiful news. I am so happy for you. You were glowing last time I saw you! Enjoy xxx

    • Thank you Martine. I’m feeling well but I certainly haven’t felt like I’ve been glowing though- he he!

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Special Announcement and Book Review: There’s Going to Be a Baby

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