Replenishing the soul- with BOOKS!

I don’t know about you, but every now and then events occur in my life that compel me to stop and take a break from it all.

I hide away from the world like a bear in hibernation and try to feed my soul with activities that make me feel loved, valued, comforted and empowered.

For me that involves spending time with my family, baking, relaxing, drinking tea and READING!

I love that my family has been catching me reading a lot lately. I’m  happy to be teaching my daughter that books can help heal the soul.

How do you look after yourself?

I’ve been quiet of late, writing very little for My Little Bookcase, but enjoying some hibernation time.  I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing and reading:

Get Reading!

It just so happens that my  ‘me time’ fell during Get Reading month. How convenient! Get Reading month takes place during September each year. I was keen to get my teeth stuck into so many of the books from the list of 50 Books You Can’t Put Down. If you haven’t seen the list yet, you must click over and peruse it now.

First on my list of books to purchase was How It Feels by Brendan Cowell. In my thirties, many would still consider me young, but lately I’ve been watching teenagers with envy. When I’m feeling down, I tend to reflect and wonder where my life has gone. It just seems to fly by so quickly. How It Feels is described as an “ode to youth” and follows a friendship group over two time frames- as youth and as adults. I felt like it was a book I needed to read.

published by Pan Macmillan

Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate a copy in any of my local bookstores so I purchased my second preference, One Day by David Nicholls. You’ll notice there’s a pattern in my book choice. The publisher’s description for this book says “One Day is about the heartbreaking gap between the way we were and the way we are.”

Published by Hachette

When you buy a book from the list at a local bookstore you receive a free copy of 10 Short Stories You must Read in 2011, published specifically for Get Reading month.

I decided to read the short stories before I began reading One Day. Short stories really suit the lifestyle of a busy mum. I can begin and finish a story in one sitting without falling asleep at the end of a tiring day. It’s also a wonderful way to become acquainted with ten new authors in a short space of time. It’s true- these are stories you can’t put down. Each of them had me captivated with story-lines of dreams, relationships and pain. I’m keen to track down some other works by these authors.

Feeling empowered:

Published by Exile Publishing

As well as losing myself in short stories, I’ve also been finding the time to empower myself. I received a copy of The Mum Who Roared at a bloggers’ brunch a few months ago. I finally made the time to sit down and read it this month. It really has been the much needed medicine I was in need of.

I made the decision with my husband to be a stay-at-home mum, and with that comes a strong feeling of isolation, criticism from others, and financial worries.  I tried to thwart all of those negativities by starting My Little Bookcase, but that too brings its own stresses and dilemmas.

You may have different stresses, but either way there seems to be a whole heap of guilt when it comes to the decisions we make for ourselves.  I can almost guarantee there will be something for you to gain from reading this book.

Christie Nicholas tries to put that guilt to bed with her book, The Mum Who Roared. Instead she is a voice of empowerment for mothers, encouraging them to refuel that fire their belly as a person. It is designed to guide you, not in your parenting, but in how you look after yourself as a person who also just happens to be a mother.

Click here to read more about The Mum Who Roared and for your chance to win a $40 Coles Online voucher


While reading, I love to spoil myself with a cup of tea- T2 blends in particular. Lately I’ve been enjoying a cup of Crème Brulee tea topped with soy milk.

I also finally opened this neck and shoulder massager, a gift from Homedics. It was a little bit noisy but the heat did wonders for my sore neck. It is truly wonderful for people who sit at the computer tilting their neck for too long each day.

Replenishing the soul- with BOOKS!


  1. My daughter must see me read more than I realised because she was reading her spot book to me one day, and then stopped got of the bed grabbed my book and said here mum.
    Most beautiful thing, and yes my only real bit of me time is when ive got my nose in a good book. Only problem lately is that I have managed by sheer badluck or good depending on how you look at it is to pick out a book thats part of a series and I cant stand leaving a series unread.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Hmmm… I really should get back into reading to replenish my own soul too. Been spending too many nights on the net instead. Currently reading The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht – unfortunately, I’ve been rather sporadic in my reading, so I keep losing track of the storyline.

    Take care, and we look forward to seeing you back on the airwaves at least a little bit!

  3. I’ve just re-started reading ‘One Day’ – stalled while studying again and being mum. Have a great stack of others ready to go next term when I will be finished studying and have my stay-at-home-mum life back for awhile until I start juggling work and home again :(
    I need to read otherwise my speech and spelling are affected – use or lose it seems for me!

  4. I recently reread The Secret River by Kate Grenville- incredible, powerful, beautiful, immacculately written but gave me nightmares for a week. Perfect example to me of what good literature is all about- evocative, awe-inspiring and enthralling! Hope you’re feeling better…

  5. I am currently reading The Fix by Nick Earls and I’m really enjoying it

  6. Love Creme Brulee – my abs favourite from T2 as well.
    Glad you are soothing the soul and reminiscing as well.
    Love your little reading spot.
    Read you later x

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