ABOUT The Little Book Adventure


  • All My Little Bookcase readers are invited to take part in The Little Book Adventure with their children.
  • It is a great way for families to work together, enjoying quality time with each other and sharing their love of reading and books. Working together as a family means that children of all ages can take part.
  • The Adventure is not limited to homes; Teachers and librarians are also welcome to get their students involved in each project.
  • The National Year of Reading is an Australian campaign, but international readers are more than welcome to take part. If you’re a book-lover then we want you involved for your wonderful inspiration.


  • Starting in March, The Little Book Adventure will take place throughout 2012.
  • It will consist of 10 monthly projects/challenges. You can check out the Practise Challenge here.
  • Each project will involve a book related task to undertake. Each of the ten tasks will vary, although none are overly difficult.  Some may take longer than others to complete but readers have a month to complete each project/challenge.
  • We all love to snuggle up to our children and read. However, each of the projects/challenges will encourage families to take reading to the next level. The projects/challenges will encourage you to think about stories, talk about the elements of a book, connect with a book, share a book, use a book or bring a book to life.
  • A number of Australian businesses are supporting The Little Book Adventure which means there will be random prizes and special offers available to participants.
  • You can choose to participate in as many of the challenges as you like. It is not compulsory to complete all 10. However, certificates and random spot prizes will be awarded to families/classes who participate in all 10 challenges/projects.


  • The first project/challenge will be published on 1 March 2012.
  • Each new challenge will be issued on the first day of each consecutive month. Full details of the challenges will be provided at this time.


  • Each monthly challenge/project will be described on www.mylittlebookcase.com.au but they are completed in your own home or classroom.
  • If you are a blogger, there will be opportunities for you to share links to your related blog posts on My Little Bookcase.


The 2012 National Year of Reading is the combined initiative of libraries and library associations from across Australia, and it has received support from the Australian Government. These founders were becoming increasingly concerned that 46 % of Australians don’t have the literacy skills required to ‘read newspapers; follow a recipe; make sense of timetables; or understand the instructions on a medicine bottle.’

The aim of the challenge is to help parents and teachers find new and exciting ways to enjoy and explore books with their children. We hope that our challenge will contribute to two of the goals established for 2012 National Year of Reading:

  • To promote a reading culture in every home; and
  • To establish an aspirational goal for families, of parents and caregivers sharing books with their children every day.

You can read more about the National Year of Reading and its goals here.

What are you waiting for? Register your family or class now.

Remember you do not need to complete all 10 parts of the Adventure, but by registering we are able to distribute random spot prizes and special offers to you.