Reading Tip: Dads make wonderful readers

Before our daughter, Cam, was born I’d never known my husband to read for pleasure, but how times have changed. He gets immense pleasure from reading with her, and I believe he has developed a more positive attitude to reading in general.

Now, I almost need to win a hand-wrestle with my husband in order to read with my daughter. We both love it and to be honest we actually share our reading with Cam fairly equally.

Although I’d love to be reading with Cam all of the time, I love what she is gaining from reading with her dad. The benefits are rich:

  • They choose and read different books together, and subsequently Cam is learning about her dad’s preferences and interests. She is exposed to a wider range of books than she would be if she was only reading with me. They especially love reading books about dads.
  • Together, they interpret the story differently (I’ll often read a story with Cam and she’ll unexpectedly burst into laughter. I feel like I’ve missed a joke, but their previous reading of a particular book has obviously lead to an amusing conversation. Or, sometimes they’ve found something funny in the illustrations that I’ve missed).

  • My husband has a wonderful range of voices, so he brings another dimension to the characters in the stories.
  • It helps with their bonding. They both look forward to snuggling and reading together.
  • It is further developing her positive attitude to reading. She’s learning through practise that reading is not just for girls and it’s something that both of her parents value.

Other Dads:

Here are some precious moments of some of our daddy-readers enjoying books with their children. I think you’ll agree that these dads make reading incredibly special for their kids.

There are 3 in the bed and the little ones said, "More stories, more stories!" Book Bed Bugs, Paige, Myles and James enjoy night time reading with Daddy. (Kerry M)

Troy H takes an opportune moment to read with his daughter, Kiara.

Troy H reading with both of his girls, Kiara and Dharma

Theodore and his Dad enjoy making animal noises while reading 'Dear Zoo'

Reading in bed on Fathers' Day- A beautiful book that we read often! (Susan B)

Reading with Daddy at 7 months (Amber D)

Even when camping in remote parts of Bruny Island, Daddy still loves tor ead stories to the kids (Liz C)

Reading a story to Daddy (Kirsty B)

Do your children read with their father?

Need inspiration?

I know there are so many fathers who share my husband’s attitude to reading with their children, but there are also many that feel unqualified or nervous. Others find the thought of reading with their children boring or unimportant. If you want or need some inspiration for reading with your kids, give these websites/blogs a visit. They are the experiences of real dads who enjoy reading with their children:

Further Research

You may be interested in further research material on the topic. The following links are just a starting point, but you’ll find information on the benefits for fathers themselves and the social and academic benefits for children. There are certainly some limitations in the research but it is an interesting read.

Reading Tip: Dads make wonderful readers


  1. My dad told me the most wonderful stories when I was a little kid. All original stories that he would tell until we knew every word, line for line. One of my favourite stories was Sammy the Seahorse. I remember that time still – forty years later….

  2. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you or your dad could write those stories down and pass them on forever!

  3. My hubby has always read to the Munchkin, but for a long time, I was the favoured reader. Now that the Munchkin is older (he’s 6), his dad tackles the “big boy” books that I’d struggle with… everything from Asterix to The Hobbit. Unlike me, he’ll happily climb up to the top bunk and snuggle down in bed for the story. It’s such a special bonding time!

    • What a lovely story. It’s so great for children to be able to share stories with both parents. :)

  4. Some of my favorite childhood memories encircle my Dad reading to me- and it’s true I have very different memories when I think of reading with my mom compared to reading with my dad. I treasure them all. My children love reading with their daddy too. What a wonderful collection collection of photos. Wonderful post!

  5. Love this post Jackie :). xoxo P

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Reading Tip: Dads make wonderful readers

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