Real Life: A pre-schooler, a belly and trying to get cosy at story-time.

I used to love snuggling up with Cam to read a book.

We’d get close and cosy on the armchair that was both Cam’s feeding chair and reading chair.

I’d lounge back, resting my back on one arm of the chair and my feet slung over the other arm (I personally just can’t enjoy a book if my feet aren’t UP).

Cam would sit on my knee, place her own feet between my legs and rest her head against my chest.

With a very large belly, an unborn baby who wants in on this fun reading caper, and a pelvis which is causing me a lot of grief, it has become impossible to sit like this (for now).

I’m searching for a new snuggly reading position for Cam and I to enjoy our stories together.

For now, we’ve had to move to the sofa so I can stretch my legs out. Cammy leans in as close as B2 will let her,  but she still feels so far away.

Can you offer me any other suggestions? How did you sit with your older children at story-time when you were pregnant?

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Real Life: A pre-schooler, a belly and trying to get cosy at story-time.


  1. My girls used to sit either side of me and rest their heads on my big round baby belly… that was until their brother began kicking them from the inside and they couldn’t see the book because their heads were bouncing around so much! So not quite a perfect option but it did make for a really nice memory!

  2. This still looks pretty cosy to me :)
    Maybe lying in bed together propped up on pillows?

  3. I’m trying to remember how I would sit with my 1st when I was pregnant with my second…hmm…I think it was similar to what you have going on on the couch…either that or we would just lay on the floor & read :)

    xx Melissa @ mamamiss

  4. This looks lovely – and Miss Daisy used to nestle in under my arm like this too – the next trick was finding a good reading/snuggling position whilst breastfeeding!! :)

  5. I read in my bed with Annie while pregnant with Heidi, Annie was never much of a snuggler so that helped.

    As I type this Annie is walking around the house with a book in one hand bumping into all sorts of things. LOL

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