Starting a Child’s Library with a Book Bouquet.

What do you think makes a perfect newborn gift?

I bet you already know what I think makes the best newborn gift?

Books, of course!

And I know of an Australian business that specialises in providing the best books for newborns.

Not only does Book Bugs thoughtfully select the best books for newborns, but the books are available to purchase as book bouquets.

What is a book bouquet?” I hear you asking.

A book bouquet is a selection of books packaged in a Book Bugs calico library bag and beautifully presented in a gift box and delivered to your special child.

Book bouquets are actually available to purchase through Book Bugs for all children aged 0-5, but I think they make a perfect gift for newborns and new mums because they are a brilliant alternative to flower bouquets, chocolate bouquets or fruit arrangements.


I first came across Book Bugs in July when one of my closest friends welcomed her first baby girl. She lives a few hours away from me, and I knew it was going to be a few days before I could visit her. So, I hopped online with the intention of searching for a beautiful bouquet of flowers to order and send to her.

I was very surprised by the price of the bouquets. I knew the flowers would be beautiful and that my friend would appreciate them, but I really struggled to part with $70 knowing that the flowers would only last a week or two.

Books on the other hand not only last a lifetime, but also bring so much value to a child’s life.

Parting with $70 to start a baby’s little library somehow seems worthwhile. A book bouquet offers: a choice of books for baby to explore and enjoy; a gift that encourages quality time between parent and child; an interest in reading; exposure to the beauty of language; special keepsakes that can be shared with and passed on to future family members and generations.

Starting at $44.06 and based around themes, collections or age groups, there is a wonderful variety of book bouquets to choose from. Some of the bouquets also include plush toys, dress-ups and rattles.


If you don’t find a book bouquet you like, you can build a personalised one yourself.

I quite like the idea of personalising a book bouquet to give as shared family gifts at Christmas time, making sure there is a book that  each family member is sure to enjoy.


If a book bouquet sounds like a great idea to you, as a newborn gift or as a Christmas present, visit Book Bugs:

Book Bugs Website

Book Bugs Facebook Page

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