An Aussie Year by Tania McCartney- A sneak peek at the characters

There is so much to love about Australia, both physically and socially, but for me it is the rich and diverse culture that makes Australia such an incredibly unique and exciting place to live.

Australian lifestyles have been heavily influenced by a range of beautiful cultures, and I love that this is a huge focus in Tania McCartney’s latest book, An Aussie Year: Twelve Months in the Life of Australian Kids illustrated by Tina Snerling

An Aussie Year by Tania McCartney

( EK Publishing, $19.99, hard cover, 9781921966248)

An Aussie Year is an utterly delightful resource for children. It is a picture book almanac featuring sweet illustrations and a meandering text.  Through the eyes of five children- each with a different cultural background- it takes you on an Australian journey through each month of the year, highlighting the melting-pot culture, lifestyle, traditions and celebrations of Australia.

As part of the virtual blog tour for An Aussie Year, My Little Bookcase has been given an exclusive snapshot of the main characters that feature in An Aussie Year. They represent the enormous variety of ethnicities that contribute to a wonderful Australian culture and lifestyle.

Meet the kids from An Aussie Year:

Lily from An Aussie Year by Tania McCartney_My Little BookcaseMeet Lily! She is nine and she loves to cook. Her mum is from China and her dad is from Vietnam, but she was born in Australia. Lily loves writing stories, origami, skipping and reading.

Matilda from An Aussie Year by Tania McCartney_My Little Bookcase

Here is Matilda, but you can call her Tilly. She’s six and her parents emigrated from Ireland when she was just a baby. She loves sewing and horse riding, and when she grows up, she wants to be a vet.

Kirra  from An Aussie Year by Tania McCartney_My Little Bookcase

Welcome Kirra! His ancestors have lived in Australia for many thousands of years. He loves surfing, skateboarding and playing on his iPad. He’s seven and has a dog called Warrigal.

Soe from An Aussie Year by Tania McCartney_My Little Bookcase

Zoe is eight. Her parents came to Australia from Greece way before she was born. She’s the youngest of five and she loves dancing and dolls. Her nickname is ‘Koukla’ which means doll!

Ned from An Aussie Year by Tania McCartney_My Little Bookcase

Say hi to Ned. He’s 10 and is fifth generation Australian. He loves cartooning and playing kick-to-kick with his brothers. When he grows up, he wants to be a helicopter pilot, mustering farm animals in the far west.

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Story Box Library is a wonderful new online resource for schools and families, and is a platform for celebrating beautiful Australian literature that feature themes and characters that Australian children can relate to.

In celebration of the launch of An Aussie Year, a book that successfully represents Australian children, Story Box Library would like to offer readers of My Little Bookcase the chance to win a one year’s family subscription to Story Box Library.

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An Aussie Year Virtual Tour Schedule

Join Ned, Zoe, Lily, Kirra and Matilda on this journey around the webosphere, from 21 October to 21 November. There will be reviews, sneak peeks, guest posts and lots of fabulous giveaways. Click on the image below to see the entire tour schedule, or visit for more information on the book, including fun activities for kids (the paper dolls are our fav).

An Aussie Year Virtual Tour FINAL jpg_500

An Aussie Year by Tania McCartney- A sneak peek at the characters


  1. Thank you for your amazing review and support of An Aussie Year!
    Tina Snerling, Illustrator of An Aussie Year.

  2. The Aussie Year kids have loved visiting My Little Bookcase! xx

  3. My favorite Australian tradition is summer swimming. As kids we lived in our bathers and headed to the pool early each day and didn’t come home ’til tea time. As the warmer weather nears, I relish the chance to walk barefoot to and from the pool wearing only bathers and a light skirt, even if it is to the indoor aquatic centre!

  4. My favourite summer tradition is family sausage sizzles with a play at be playground on dusk.

  5. Eating watermelon and juicy mangoes! Lots of outdoor park fun with my 2 year old son ending the day with some of his favourite books.

  6. Our favourite Aussie tradition is taking photos. Especially taking photos of the kids in their special (unisex) baby outfits to compare their looks and expressions at about the same age.

  7. I just love ANZAC day – honouring my Grandfather at dawn service and teaching my kids about what it means to have national pride, honour and valour whilst appreciating that we must all live together. I am also rather partial to Australia day where we get to go the Taralga Australia Day Rodeo! Yee-haa! Oh and finally that daily Australian tradition of vegemite on toast : )

  8. Di said: On October 23, 2013

    Taking the Monday before Cup Day off, making for an extra long weekend and having our traditional Cup Day BBQ/Spit Roast at our place. We run a sweep and have a ball.

  9. Going to the Easter Show every Easter!

  10. My favourite Australian tradition is Christmas lunch with families. We came from non-Australian background and slowly adapted to this culture over the years. Now, my daughter loves it as we will have a big lunch with families and also open presents. She and her Dad will spend the rest of the afternoon playing with her new toys. It is lovely to celebrate this special occasion with my loved ones.

  11. There’s nothing quite like a neighbourhood street party, a true Aussie tradition. Bangers on the barbie, kids playing in the street and a chance to catch up with those closest to you (literally!)

  12. For me, its Christmas Eve, where my 3 kids exchange the gifts they have bought (with their own money) or made for each other. They spend many weeks of thinking and planning on what their siblings will like and are so excited to give them.

  13. My favourite Aussie ‘tradition’ is the way that everyone helps each other in times of need….like the NSW bushfires or the Queensland floods. How “Aussie” is it to dig deep financially, emotionally and personally when people need it most? Makes me so proud to be an Aussie ♥

  14. Traditions my family have shared over the years have changed, always enjoyed but never quiet endured. Instead I’m beginning my own with my daughter; a walk to the park after dinner to enjoy the cooler afternoon, Sunday mornings at the markets for breakfast and walk along the water, splashing around in the paddle pool with her Dad, making the annual trip to North Queensland to visit cousins and chasing bubbles in the backyard. New traditions and making special memories.

  15. My favourite Aussie tradition is children (and on occasion Mum and Dad, Aunties, Uncles, half the neighborhood and the pet dog) running under the sprinkler on a hot summers’ day. Brings to mind long summer holidays, hot after school relief or relaxed afternoons on Christmas/Boxing day.

  16. Cartwheels on the lawn after just been mowed, followed by watermelon dripping own your arms.

An Aussie Year by Tania McCartney- A sneak peek at the characters

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