Birthday Giveaway: Win a 30th Anniversary Edition of Possum Magic by Mem Fox (Closed)


In April 1983, I was a four year old girl attending a kindergarten and enjoying the delights of childhood. That same month, Possum Magic was published for the first time and Grandma Poss and Hush entered my life along with the lives of children all around Australia.

When Grandma Poss and Hush took a journey around Australia tasting all the delights the country had to offer and looking for the magic ingredient that would make Hush visible again, they became national icons in children’s literature. Possum Magic was reprinted 10 times in its first year alone.

30 years later, with my own child now at kindergarten, Possum Magic remarkably remains in print, children are still mesmerised by the beautiful story, and Mem Fox and Julie Vivas have become highly respected artists in their fields.

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, Scholastic Australia has released a stunning 30th Anniversary edition. Valued at $29.99, this cloth bound hardcover and slipcase edition will only be available for 2013.

Courtesy of Scholastic Australia and Omnibus Books,  My Little Bookcase has three copies of Possum Magic: 30th Anniversary Edition to giveaway.

To enter:

  • Leave a comment below and tell us what you were doing 30 years ago

The winners:

  • The three best entries will each receive a copy of Possum Magic: 30th Anniversary Edition

NB. Given the special nature of this book, I am happy to open the giveaway to international readers. HOWEVER, My Little Bookcase cannot cover the cost of international postage. International readers are required to pay the cost of postage if successful in this giveaway.

Terms and conditions:

1. Each reader may enter only once.

2. My Little Bookcase will cover the cost of delivery to Australian addresses. International readers may enter this giveaway, but are required to pay for their own postage.

3. All entries must be received by 9 pm (AEST) on Tuesday 30 April, 2013

4. The winners will be chosen by Jackie Small of My Little Bookcase

5. The winners will be notified via email

6. The winners will also be announced on, facebook and Twitter

7. The winners are asked to send a reply email including their delivery address within 7 days before a new winner is selected

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Birthday Giveaway: Win a 30th Anniversary Edition of Possum Magic by Mem Fox (Closed)


  1. 30 years ago, in January I practiced day after day to write my name as I had the honour to be flowergirl at my Uncles wedding. I had not started school yet and was struggling with the letters M A R N I E. I practiced and practiced until the big day arrived where I took my place at the registry table in a beautiful big church and signed my little heart out M A R I N E. To this day my ‘nick name’ has been ‘marine’, clever little sea creature.

  2. Thirty years ago I was a ten-year-old, fairly recent emigrant from Vietnam and slowly earning to read English (a feat helped along by prodigious watching of Sesame Street and Playschool). Even then I remember being an unabashed bookworm, making my way through the school’s library and falling in love with everything written by Roald Dahl. Some things never change… three decades later I am a literary reviewer and have passed my love of reading (and Dahl) to my five-year-old daughter.

  3. 30 years ago,I am sure my biggest achievement for the year was learning to go to the toilet (potty training) lol

  4. Mel said: On April 15, 2013

    Like you, I was a new four year old, going to kinder, making mud pies, using my imagination and playing like all four year olds should. My sister and I, and two friends down the road got up to all sorts of mischief! I distinctly remember a visit to the fire station in kindergarten and getting to play on the fire engine and slide down the pole. Such small things gave great happiness!

  5. I was one year old and probably chewing on books.

  6. I was not yet a fetus, but longing for the day to be born so that my parents could read to me everyday and every night.

  7. 30 years ago on the 18th of April I turned 1! So I was busy partying hard with my favourite doll Jemima and all of my cousins, whilst enjoying my princess cake! :-)

  8. April 1983 I was jumping around in Mums belly as she walked down the aisle with my Dad. 30 years later as they celebrate their wedding anniversary, they are now enjoying this beautiful book with my 2yo and 7month old boys as they did with me. This book stirs up the best childhood memories.

  9. Lis said: On April 16, 2013

    30 years ago I was four years away from being born but less then 10 years later I’d discover Possum Magic and the wonderful world of Mem Fox! Fast-foward to today and I’m a primary teacher passing on my love of Mem and literature to the little ones!

  10. April 1983 I was starting my last term at primary school. I have lots of happy memories of that time – being outdoors, riding my bike, being with friends and family, reading, playing games/sports, girl guides, drama, camping – still truly a kid before I had that taken away by going to secondary school. 30 years on I am that kid again and sharing happy times with our daughter, but perhaps cherishing these moments more.

  11. Cath said: On April 16, 2013

    I had just turned four and was attending my first year of kinder too. Not sure if my little country kinder had a copy of the brand new book possum magic but I do remember rolling in plastic drums in the yard and balancing on walking beams! My love of reading and books started a little later!

  12. Cleo said: On April 16, 2013

    I was born in 1983 and have just celebrated my own 30th birthday! I am thrilled to share it with possum magic, a book much loved by me and my children. My children love when Hush and Grandma Poss make it to Darwin which is where we live and we say they must have found the Vegemite sandwiches in their lunch boxes.

  13. Sean said: On April 17, 2013

    30 years ago I was a 12 week old baby getting to know my new world! Thirty years later, with Possum Magic still in print, I am now helping my own 6 week old daughter adjust to this amazing world.

    It seems Possum Magic connects my daughter and I; I share a birthday with Possum Magic, while this 30th Anniversary Edition marks the birth of my own daughter. What a treat it would be to read this book to her. It would be our most treasured book.

  14. 30 years ago I sat with my 2 year old on my lap, anxiously awaiting the birth of my second daughter and reading Possum Magic. Now, 30 years later, I sit in my sunroom with my second daughter, her two daughters, anxiously awaiting the birth of my first grandson who is due around her 30th birthday. I can’t wait to introduce him to Possum Magic too.

  15. “Once upon a time, but not very long ago …” I was a 3 year old sitting on my mother’s lap watching and listening as my older sister read her school readers to my mum, more interested and keen in this homework task than she. Now, 30 years later, I am a mama to a dear little bookworm who will turn three next week. We have read together through large chunks of each day since he was born (‘Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes’ being the first book we shared on the evening of his birth). As a result, he has quite a good bank of sight words and ‘Mem Fox’ are two of the words he can read. We love Mem Fox – we love Possum Magic.

  16. 30 years ago I would have been two and listening to my parents read a treasured Golden Book story every night. We had a massive collection of books, including many great Australian classics like ‘Possum Magic’. It’s a bit sad because they were in later years destroyed in fire. Many of those books would have been very valuable today. I’m lucky that I can start to build up my own special collection for my little girl.

  17. 30 years ago I was nine and on the verge of finally being able to read properly, and I haven’t stopped since! I remember reading how Mem said that you need to start reading to your kids from day one, which I did with both my kids and they both love books and reading!!!
    Love Mem!!!

  18. 30 years ago I was working in a Maternity hospital. Helping to bring new readers into this exciting world.

  19. 30 years ago, I was a teenager, not quite getting in the trouble, but wasn’t a angel either, how things have changed lol, I was still reading Enid Blyton, she was my hero

  20. 30 years ago I had a 15 month old daughter and was pregnant with my second child.

  21. 30yrs ago I was enjoying my first child & reading to her, she developed her love for books & now she has her own baby & the reading cycle continues- books are forever!

  22. 30 years ago I would have been four,
    I would have been stubborn and my main word MORE,
    I was at Kindi and loved reading and play,
    though temper tantrums were my norm every single DAY…

  23. Aged twenty and had just turned down an offer to live in Turkey. Stayed in good old Australia with the possums!

  24. Apart from driving my Mum and Dad crazy, It was my first year at school

  25. 30 years ago, I was 3.5. So not yet at Kinder. I was at family daycare type place, being served tinned spaghetti on toast for lunch, and not liking the toilet because it was outside. Every day they would put us in front of the TV for a few hours – which I didn’t like so I’d pee on the floor! Books would have been better for us!

  26. I was a cheeky one year old whose favourite food was books. Yes I loved destroying books and eating them. I now say I was “consuming knowledge”. My one year old loves her books and touch wood so far doesn’t eat them like her silly mummy did.

  27. 30 years ago I was a snotty nosed toddler making mud cakes and throwing them at my parents, My mum would then take me inside for a bath and sit down with my favourite bedtime story which was Possum Magic and the Very Hungry Caterpillar! Now I have passed this little tradition onto my son.

  28. Pa said: On April 22, 2013

    ! would of been 15 and having a blast , i was in yr 10 at High School had lots of friends going rollerskating every Friday night ,beaches on the weekend and generally did not have a care or worry in the world.Pity we had to grow up:)

  29. 30 years ago my family and I were preparing to emigrate from England to Australia. I had never heard of or seen a possum at that stage, it was only since coming out here that I was exposed to such interesting little creatures. I now have a son and this is one of his most favourite books.

  30. i was 14 at the time and was baby sitting for pocket money i do remember reading possum magic a few years later when one of the family i was sitting for own the book

  31. 30 Years ago i was 15 in year 10 at school ,and selling Avon on the side which made my pocket money ,back then you also got to keep products to trial

  32. 30 years ago I was 3 so I imagine I was pestering my little sister and annoying my folks.

  33. Sue said: On April 22, 2013

    playing and having fun

  34. 30 Years Ago I was not yet Born but a Very Wanted Baby I made my Entrance 4 Years Later.

  35. I would have been having the time of my life, just starting school, meeting new friends, learning new things, the start of my educational childhood.

  36. 30 years ago i was may be learning to walk and experience the world on my foots…

  37. Fighting for a chance to make it into my mums womb so that I could one day breathe the worlds fresh air,and discover Mem Fox and the most memorable, inspiring and joyful heart filling book that is Possum Magic, i just had to be born for this!!

  38. Visited Australia for the very first time with my husband, little did we know that we would be spending many years in this beautiful country.
    It was faith that brought us here and family that made us stay, now that we call Australia our home we couldn’t think of a better and friendlier place in the world.

  39. I was 6 years old so nothing special. I was probably having “Possum Magic” read to me at school.
    My son will turn 6 in July. I especially love reading “Koala Lou” by Mem Fox to him. It’s such a beautiful story it makes me sad!

  40. KimM said: On April 22, 2013

    30 years ago I was 8.
    It just so happens that my teacher at school was Mr Tate!
    We had an “Everything Swiss Day” in class that year
    The memory still brings to my eye a happy tear.
    Why, you ask would going Swiss be so great?
    Well, my friend, that year I discovered Härr Chocolate!

  41. Thirty years ago I was expecting twins and had a one year old daughter too. Lots of reading happened at our house- it was a favourite activity and we always ended the day with a bedtime story.

  42. Thirty years ago, I was a 21 months old toddler. Being the youngest meant I got pampered and protected a lot by my eldest sister who is 3 years older than me. She would accompany me to bed and play with me. I was always her shadow, following her and trying to do what she was doing; even climbing up my dad’s old Jeep, from the bonnet to the roof.

  43. I was 18 months old. So I had learnt to walk (just). But was most likely learning to explore. I loved to explore all of mum’s tidy cupboards, sandpits, swimming pools, mud puddles, the local park and my sister’s room (which I was not allowed in).

  44. 30 years ago I was implanting myself into my Mum’s uterus! Turning the big 30 later this year!

  45. When stars were high and shining bright,
    and it was too dark for me to play,
    I liked to snuggle up inside,
    with a book my mum would say.
    To me a story was a special thing,
    the ones that I have read.
    They would not stay inside the books,
    they stayed inside my head.
    Mum would read me riddles and rhymes,
    About so many magical things.
    Tales about Possum Magic,
    and one’s that you could sing.
    I was only two, but I was learning to read,
    books from end to end,
    they opened up a magical world,
    and became my special friend.

  46. My mum would have only just been pregnant with my sister, so enjoying life as an only child!

  47. 30 years ago I was just a wee lad enjoying the amazing stories written in this book.

  48. Thirty years ago I was in primary school and thinking to myself that I wanted to be the next ‘Pat Cash’ tennis champion, sadly it was just a dream.

  49. Kai' said: On April 24, 2013

    30 years ago… Hmmm. In April of 1983 I didn’t know that by the end of the year my life would be changed drastically by moving from one side of Australia to the other. I was mourning the loss of the family dog, Rolly, who had caught a car for the second time in his life but at 14 did not survive the encounter.

  50. 30 years ago I was thinking how will I step out into the big wide world and take care of myself…Looking back I did it with gusto

  51. 30 Years ago, I was only 1 and a half years old. My mother had already bought Possum Magic for me. Mum was soon to begin studying to be a Librarian, and was already fostering a love of reading in me! I am now a Library Officer who loves hearing that her Primary School students also know and love Mem Fox!

  52. Thirty years ago I was nine. That was the year I had several horrible encounters with the school dentist – had to have four teeth removed due to overcrowding. To this day I still hate going to the dentist!

    I love all of Mem Fox’s books.

  53. I was once again one of the ‘little kids’ in my first year of high school.

  54. Bringing joy to my mother at 6 months old all soft and squishy it was my job.

  55. I was deciding whether to dye my hair purple or orange and reading ‘Possum Magic’ to my youngest sister.

  56. 30 years ago i was so excited to be doing my very last year of school and i was ready to head out into the big wide world and work

  57. I was six and had started school, where times can be tough and kids be cruel,
    but I found my perfect friend so you would find me in the library end..

  58. 30 years ago, I called an Emu an Ostrich because I knew the pictures but not the words!

  59. being born :)

  60. 30 years ago I was 3 so I can’t remember so i’ll take a punt and say probably squishing playdough into the carpet, drawing on books and most likely chucking a tanty!

  61. 30 years ago I was 5 years old without a care in the world, skipping off to school, reading on the bus, soaking up all the world had to offer me. My biggest worries were which doll to play with and what colour ribbon to put in my hair :) these days I help my daughter with those worries as I guide her through her days adding to her vocabulary with every picture that we see, every photo that we take and every book that we read. She quite often shows me a thing or two in a book that I might have missed or not quite paid much attention too, it’s intriguing how their inquisitive little minds work, to think I was like that once ;)

  62. 30 years ago I had not long turned 3
    Going to work with my parents it would be
    a farmers daughter and a cooks one too
    a blessing it was to handle a lamb or two
    Feeding the ducklings and collecting the eggs
    crawling up the shoots and playing in the sheep sheds!
    there was lots of chores to be done
    but in the end it was all great fun!

  63. 30 years ago I was still growing in my mummys belly, surprising them with my arrival on August 9th!

  64. 30 years ago I wasn’t wasting time on facebook, or tweeting about every move I make or instagramming what I had for dinner. I wasn’t addicted to reality tv. I spoke to people face to face rather than sending them an IM or a text. I played games outside, not by sitting in my lounge room and I didn’t rely on an app to tell me what book I should be reading – I was enjoying the original Possum Magic!

  65. Getting around in all my one year old glory being the cutest one year old I know

  66. Being a year old, i would have been wrecking my brother and Sisters toys, and being totally adorable to my parents.

  67. 30 years ago I was in my last year of high school.
    I live in Kentucky, USA. I hope I can participate in this giveaway. My daughter and I love that book.

    All the best,
    Holly Schwartz
    Bardstown, Kentucky, USA

  68. Thirty years ago I was babysitting for extra money and reading classic childrens books to them all. I know read all the classics to my own children. Giving me the opportunity to re-live them all over again.

  69. 30 years ago i was only about 8 months old,
    with my mother reading me books like this one so i was told!

  70. At the birth of Possum Magic I was chasing boys, dancing in discos and in the only ‘picture book void’ of my life. I was reading novels and biographies and dreaming of becoming a teacher, an illustrator and an artist. Now, when I teach, I hold up our very loved and crinkled copy of Possum Magic and shine it to my aspiring author/illustrators as a beacon of hope. My dreams did come true, and I’m not an invisible Possum anymore!! Happy 30th Possum Magic.

  71. 30 years ago I was 3 years old and probably attempting to read to my 1.5 year old sister. I have read many books over the last 30 years and I am amazed at how children’s literature has the ability to take you away to another world and teach us so much. It is magical!

  72. Thirty years ago I was a three month-old. Oddly, before I was born, Mum knew I was a ‘poss’ and even to this day I’m still ‘Poss’ or related substitutes (possum pie, possum poo, possum magic etc.). I never owned this book as a child and didn’t discover Mem Fox until late primary school, though devoured many other children’s classics. I try in earnest to get my cherubs to discover the delight in books that I had as a little girl. So far so good!

  73. I wasn’t doing very much 30 years ago. I am only 25 years old! I grew up loving Possum Magic though and would love to share it with my sons when they are older.

  74. Thirty years ago, I was a ten year old little girl, I loved animals and would spend my spare time taking our numerous pet on adventures. Unfortunately I didn’t value reading, but love the fact that I can change that for my children and instill in them the value of reading and have them enjoy the magical world of books :-)

  75. I was 4 years old then, and my mum introduced me to the wonderful, fascinating world of books. I would dream up fairies, princes and grand castles in the magical faraway land, where Sleeping Beauty would awake from her deep slumber and Snow White reunite with her 7 dwarves. Today, I have a young son of 5 months, and I read “Time for Bed” by Mem Fox to him every night. He loves the story and would stare at the illustrations with wide open eyes…then he’ll get so excited he would grab the book and lick it a couple of times!

  76. realxing and having no stress with daily life and all the bills that i seem to find now

  77. Abby said: On April 30, 2013

    30 years ago I was 5 years old, just like my daughter is now, so I was probably winding my mum up as everyone says my daughter is a Minime!

  78. 30 years ago I was 5 years old and in Prep. I was advanced in my reading ability, however I had a speak impediment so had to see a speech therapist so books were my world.

  79. Ten year old me was listening to John Denver records with my mum and dancing round the lounge room. It was then I discovered a beautiful picture of John Denver with his adopted son high on his shoulders on the record sleeve – my earliest motivation for the adoption of my possums who bring me magic every day.

  80. 30 years ago I was all dressed with my smurf backpack on ready to go to Kindergarten and discover the fabulous world of school and books. Learning how to read, enjoying being read to and being mesmerized by a fantastic building called a Library.
    Now 30 years later I am enjoying my Miss 5 learning how to read and getting excited for Library day at school. My girls have their own mini library that we read from everyday. Which includes all my old golden books that I dug out of storage.
    My most favourite thing to do with them is hide in the princess tent and read books with them :) Memories and treasured moments :)

  81. 30 years ago, I was still a sparkle in my dads eye!

  82. I’m finding it scary that 30 years ago I was in my last year of high school…just had the reunion…I have had two beautiful daughters now aged 12 and 13 and loved reading this with them. I feel so OLD knowing this book has been out so long!

  83. 30 years ago.. seems like such a long time gone – I was in early years at primary school, doing calisthenics and waterskiing….really wish I was able to remember more of what it was all about back then! how time flies

  84. 30 years ago I would have been 1 year old, and would have been learning to walk & talk.. and no doubt would have spent a lot of time playing and looking at my picture books :-)

  85. 30 years ago – I was in first year doing Graphic Design, and we had an excursion to see the Possum Magic watercolor illustrations. It blew me away then, and they will always amaze me. They take me back to that moment every time I see them.

  86. 30 years ago I was a shy 14 year old who loved to retreat into the world of books and music. I’m not so shy now but my love of the books and music is still the same.

  87. Wow! I still have my Grandma Poss cookbook and made the Anzac biscuits last week. I was starting school and my love for cooking and reading had begun. I would love to give this book to my newborn son!

  88. Jay said: On April 30, 2013

    30 Years ago I was busy breaking my brother’s model cars with several other 2 yr olds from around the neighbourhood. I was also hiding my books from my destructive friends as I wanted all pages to be intacked (just so my Mum could give them away some years later and let some other kid destroy them)

  89. Thirty years ago I was nineteen and had just moved into my first apartment. I made enough money at a local fast food restaurant to pay my modest rent payment ($250.00 per month) and my car payment ($124.50 per month) with a whopping $47.62 left over per month for “extras” like food and gas. I walked to work and ate pb&j’s for most meals but I was supporting myself. I put $1.50 of that $47.62 into a savings account a month just to prove to myself that I was an adult, making adult decisions.

  90. I was 7 years old and was blessed to be living in Papua New Guinea up in the highlands. I was enjoying my time playing outside with no technology insight- loved it, loved it, loved it!!!

  91. Thirty years ago I was just embarking on my teaching career. I made a new friend during my time at teacher’s college and for Christmas 1983 she gave me a copy of “Possum Magic.”
    I still own and use this copy :) It has had a bit of sticky tape added over the years but has been much read and much loved by many children, including my own three. We’ve had Possum Magic parties and mapped their travels over Australia.
    If would find it hard to choose my favourite children’s book ever, but Possum Magic is certainly up there with the best. My favourite line is, “But in her heart of hearts she did.”

  92. 30 years ago, I was about 18 months old, and my family had just moved from Canada to New Zealand. My mum said they flew in with two kids, two suit cases, and two hundred dollars on them. I got to grow up close to my grandparents, and my grandpa was a fantastic storyteller. He used to tell us stories snuggled up in bed, about little characters like Frog, Tadpole, Tittle Mouse, and Hen Len. I wish we had been able to write down some of his stories before he passed away. Now the words have escaped me, but the warm memories remain. :)

  93. 30 years ago I was 7 turning 8 and it was one of the happiest time in my life, where my biggest discussions were with my brothers and where we would play, I also remember my Dad reading to me at night :)

  94. 30 years ago I was a snotty, hyperactive three year old with a Mum that would try ANYTHING to calm me down…including reading me amazing stories about ‘magic’ Australian animals!

  95. Wow, thirty years ago …. I was 19 and travelling around the country working for an artist. Didn’t even dream about what I was doing now – working with children :)

  96. Thirty years ago, my three-year-old self, aka Hush’s biggest fan, was demanding my Italian parents clue me in on what pavlova, vegemite and anzac biscuits were!! ;-)

  97. 30 years ago I was probably planning on what I could try washing in my little plastic washing machine next as I was only 8! I did give a little frog a swim in the tub, he survived but I think i should have stuck to washing barbie clothes hehehhe.

  98. Bec said: On April 30, 2013

    hmm 30 years ago I was ten.
    I had just moved to Melbourne from Wollongong.

    It was a much different life to the one I had in Wollongong. I became a latch key kid as my mum went back to full time work. I did not have to walk to school with my sisters or neighbours.

    and there was no corporal punishment at the school so i was excited that my grade 4 teacher would not have the paddle stick like the one i was going to have in Wollongong.

  99. 30 years ago i was only a twinkle and a mere thought then 4 years later came into this wonderful world now with 2 children of my own and many darlings to come, experienceing my family day care :)

  100. I was 12 30 years ago, 2nd of 5 children (only 4 at that stage) and just starting secondary school. Mum had started working (to pay for the school fees) at Oldmeadows Books in West Heidleberg in Melbourne. We were so lucky to have our mum work in a bookshop and be exposed to a never ending suuply of wonderful books. Until my baby sister came along a few years later we were spoilt with some amazing books at christmas and birthdays and now I always make sure my children get a ‘special’ book for special occasions.

  101. 30 years ago I was in preschool being read this book !!

  102. jackie said: On May 8, 2013

    Congratulations to:
    Louise Wilson