A Christmas Wish List for Bookworms


1) Kiddie Kutter Knives, $11.95 each from Kiddie Food Kutter

Matched with a children’s cookbook, these knives make  great gifts.

2) Crayon Rocks, $12.95  from Boodle & Bear

A great tool to help children create their own stories on the pavement.

3)An Illustrated Year: My Little Bookcase Calendar 2013, $14.95 from My Little Bookcase

Featuring illustrations from 12 of Australia’s finest picture book illustrators

4) Everyone Says I love You Book, $17.95 from Global Kids Oz

5) Natural Paint Kit, $19.95 from Boodle & Bear

Perfect for little painters. Check out our painting activities.

6) Red Riding Hood Puzzle, $19.95  from Bright Buttons Toys

A unique puzzle to help children recount the story of Little Red Riding Hood

7) Children of the World Memory Game, $24.99 from Global Kids Oz


8) Ave illustration on vintage plate, $34.00 from Ave

9) Library Bags, $14.95-$39.95, from Cocoon Couture

Perfect for kindergarten, school or visits to the local library

10) Parcel Packing Kit, $34.95  from Boodle & Bear

A great way to encourage your little one to write


11) Children of the World Wooden Play Set $64.95 from Global Kids Oz

Perfect for storytelling

12) Play House Kit, $74.95 from Learning Tower

A great prop for role-play and storytelling

13) Bean Bags, $99.95 from Cocoon Couture

Wonderful for creating a cosy place to read

14) Wind in the Willows Print,  $99.95 (Story art) from Bright Buttons Toys

A spineless classic. The entire story of Wind in the Willows captured on one print.

15) Bunk Buddy, $125.00 from Tidy Books

A great storage unit for books


Whether you’re looking for board books, picture books, junior fiction, young adult fiction or classics, you can’t look past The Little Bookroom. The Little Bookroom is the oldest children’s bookstore in the world, and they have the best collection of children’s books for you to choose from this Christmas.

With so many books to choose from, it was hard for me to pick a favourite, so I suggest you pop by and browse their online store. May I suggest you start with their ‘Our Favourites’ section- then, from there, you can search by category or by theme.

The Best Online Stores:

The stores featured in this wish list were all sponsors of The Little Book Adventure. Out of over 50 businesses that were approached to sponsor The Little Book Adventure, these were the 8 businesses that were keen to support the projects because, like My Little Bookcase, they feel strongly about the importance of making reading an enjoyable part of every day for children.

I can’t thank these small businesses enough, most of which are run by mothers, because without them I would not have been able to run the challenges, provide prizes or deliver them to participants.

If you are planning to do some online Christmas shopping, I’d love for you support these businesses that made The Little Book Adventure possible.

A Christmas Wish List for Bookworms


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ave plates and prints!

  2. Some wonderful ideas and inspiration there…thanks so much Jackie!

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