Charity Gifts: Improving literacy success for disadvantaged children

For most of you who read this site, your children are fortunate to have parents who not only value the importance of reading with them but who have the education, the knowledge and the resources to foster a love of reading and to expose them to quality reading material.

Through poverty, abandonment and a range of other causes, many children in Australia and throughout the world don’t have this opportunity.

You may consider making a donation this Christmas to contribute to the literacy development of disadvantaged children by purchasing a Christmas charity gift or by making a donation to one of the following  organisations.

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Plan- Toys and Books for kids in India

Plan work in countries to empower communities to overcome poverty. They encourage children to be part of the learning process.

$5 will help Plan equip mobile crèches at Delhi construction sites with toys and learning materials, providing a safe and nurturing environment for children whose mothers work long hours on construction sites.

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Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids

The aim of Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids is to create 1000 backpacks filled with essential & personal items for children in foster care.

You can buy a book to be included in one of the backpacks.

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Global Concern-School Books for Poverty-Stricken Families

Global Concern provides opportunities for disadvantaged communities to create for themselves a better way of life through education, health care, vocational training and micro enterprise.

$10 will provide school books for a child in an Indian or Bangladeshi school.  Without education, girls in particular, have no opportunity to leave the slums.

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ChildFund Australia- The Gift of Knowledge

ChildFund Australia works in partnership with children and their communities to create lasting and meaningful change by supporting long-term community development and promoting children’s rights. The ChildFund Alliance network works where aid is able to flow, implementing child-centred community development programs in 55 countries.

$24 will buy four story books for children in Papua New Guinea

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Oxfam Australia- Literacy Pack

Oxfam provide people with the skills and resources to help them create their own solutions to poverty.

$40 will help teach villagers in Cambodia to read and write, which will totally transform their lives and those of their children.

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St. Edmond’s School-Teach a teenager to read

St. Edmond’s School is an Australian Year 7-12 co-educational special high school for teenagers with a wide range of disabilities including sensory impairment, intellectual disability and autism.

$50 will help fill the St. Edmond’s school library with appropriate, high-interest books for the students.

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Ardoch Youth Foundation- Back to School Pack

Ardoch Youth Foundation is a not for profit organisation that works nationally to make education a reality for children and young people.

$50 will provide a primary school students with a backpack and all the equipment they need to start a year of learning.

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Wesley Mission -Rhyming Books

Wesley Mission runs a range of programs and activities to support all community members in need,  including the lonely, hurt and fragile, the homeless, mentally ill, aged, disabled, unemployed.

$50 will buy a set of 10 nursery rhyme books to help kids improve their literacy skills.

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Room to Read

Room to Read seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in developing countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education.

Imagination filling station: $25(USD) fills a shelf with local language children’s books

Learn to Play: $50 (USD) fills a library with puzzles, games and educational toys.

Erasing illiteracy: $50(USD) buys a blackboard for a classroom

Looking for the next Dr. Seuss: $125(USD) commissions a local author to write a children’s book

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The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation- Wall of Hands

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) is working with Indigenous communities and schools around Australia with the aim that 5 out of 5 kids will learn to read – the vital first step to a satisfying and successful life

4 out of 5 indigenous kids in remote communities can’t read. Hands up who cares? 1459 people have raised their hands.

Start your own wall and raise money for Indigenous Literacy of or you can donate to the wall that  Kids Book Review have already started.

Dymock’s Children’s Charities

The Dymocks Children’s Charities is an charity that raises funds to help kids in need. They are the Principal Partner of the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge and they have recently launched The Book Bank Project which aims to encourage student engagement in reading.

Donate to the Book Bank Project and help kids to read.

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Charity Gifts: Improving literacy success for disadvantaged children

  1. I have a wall at the Wall of Hands, too, inspired by Kids Book Review. I just wanted to say that the process of donating is painless and professional. If anyone has some spare cash they want to go to a good cause, I can recommend the ALNF.

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