Giveaway: Little Kitchen Pack

The very generous Sabrina Parrini (Australian food author) of Little Kitchen and Hardie Grant have kindly provided us with this wonderful pack to give away.

The pack includes:

  • A copy of the Little Kitchen Companion Recipe Journal
  • A cooking utensils set: 2 cookie cutters and a rolling pin
  • An organic orange soft toy

This pack could be yours to enjoy with your kids in the kitchen these school holidays. It is full of fun, healthy and colourful recipes, and includes Christmas treats such as Gingernut Christmas Log, Gingerbread Snowflakes and Christmassy Punch.

To enter:

For your chance to win this pack, simply leave a tale below:

Share with us a Christmas treat that you like to make with your children. Feel free to email photos of your Christmas treats to and we will feature them  in the Family Tales section of our website.

The winner:

No random draw this time. I will choose the winner based on my favourite entry.

Each year my husband and I host a Christmas party for our friends and this year we have lots of kids coming along. When I’m deciding on my favourite entry I will be looking for a Christmas treat that:

  • I can bake for the children at our Christmas party (so photos will really help me out!!)
  • Is relatively easy (and kid-friendly) to make
  • Is cute, unique and creative
  • Is delicious

Terms and Conditions:

1. Each reader may enter only once.

2. Entrants must live in Australia. The prize will only be awarded to an entrant living in Australia.

3. All entries must be received by 7pm (E.S.T) on Tuesday 14 December 2010.

4. My favourite entry will be chosen as the winner.

5. The winner will be notified via email on Tuesday 14 December  2010

6. The winner will also be announced on, and on Twitter

7. It is advised that the winner  make contact with My Little Bookcase by 5pm (EST) on Wednesday 15 December 2010 to allow one week for delivery before Christmas.

Giveaway: Little Kitchen Pack


  1. My Mum always made a selection of three different types of Christmas biscuits and would put them in tins or plates with cellophane to give to teachers, neighbours and anyone that dropped in unexpectedly around Christmas time. This year I followed that tradition with my 3 year old son, it was so lovely and I look forward to continuing this activity year after year :)

    • Thanks for sharing Elizabeth. I’m a big fan of traditions especially at Christmas time. Biscuits sound like a good idea. They keep for a long time! :)

  2. In December, the kids and I make gingerbread men, stars, love hearts and trees. They stand on either side of me on their little chairs and help measure in the flour and crack the egg. They especially love decorating them with little silver balls and icing. We all get incredibly messy and sticky, but it’s fun!

    • It’s just not cooking if you don’t get messy and sticky is it? Thanks for the photo too. Will add it to the site asap.

  3. This year is my first year with my eldest daughter where I know that she can enjoy the family tradition of Christmas. My daughter, loves to help me cook and especially make sweet things like cupcakes and muffins. So I know that she will love to continue a little tradition I used to have. You see I used to love making rum balls myself and every Christmas I would take a little Tupperware pack of rum balls to the family Christmas day. So what a treat it is going to be this year to have my sweet little daughter help me roll the balls in the coconut and chocolate sprinkles after mixing the cocoa and cake but we will skip the rum

  4. LOVE the look of this! One of our traditions is making a Traditional Christmas Pudding with the children. It’s a group effort. These pictures capture how fun it was:

    • Oh boy Kelly. That sure does look like a lot of fun. Have I left my run a little too late to try your recipe? My little girl would LOVE making that. Beats mixing muffins with the spatula.

  5. I’m not sure it was something I enjoyed, but Amy definitely enjoyed making chocolate truffles with me. Roll one, roll another, eat them both and lick your hands.

  6. We started a tradition 2 years ago of making raspberry jam. We go to the berry farms and get the berries then spend hours in the kitchen stirring pots and sterilising jars. We end up with usually 12-15 pots of jam that we then put in some hampers for our neighbour’s Christmas presents and the rest we use throughout the year. Although i think this year we will need to make more – because our pots only lasted till June! My older daughters ages 6 and 7 love helping but we always find something for the toddlers to do as well – even if it’s stirring pretend pots on the floor! What a fun way to occupy the week between school and Christmas!

  7. We love to make “stained glass” biscuits to decorate our Christmas tree with. They are fun to make and look great on the tree. Although by the end of last Christmas there were lots of biscuits with bits nibbled off and quite a few teeth marks!!!

    Here is a photo of our daughter giving the project 2 thumbs up!

    • So cute Paula. I think this photo proves that these stained glass cookies are fun to make and yummy to nibble on!

  8. Thanks ladies for sharing your very special recipes. I would love to make them all and they all certainly look fun and delicious. Picking a winner was difficult but I have chosen Paula’s stained glass window cookies. The kids will just love them, and because the theme of my party this year is ‘Christmas Tree’, they will fit in perfectly.

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Giveaway: Little Kitchen Pack

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