Special Event: Tania McCartney & The Grumpy Wombat visit Melbourne

Squeal! We’ve spoken to The Grumpy Wombat, and now we are finally going to meet her. Would you like to meet The Grumpy Wombat and her creator too?

We are just super thrilled to be co-hosting an event with LJ and Danielle of Three Four Knock On The Door, and it’s going to be so much fun!

Together, we will be working with Tania McCartney to bring you a wonderful, fun-filled and intimate reading of Riley and the Grumpy Wombat (one of our current favourite books).

Tania is the talented author of the Riley series and she is a passionate and captivating reader and story-teller. Before the story begins,  kids will have a chance to make their own wombat ears and fly their hand-made paper planes.

Books will be available for purchase and Tania McCartney ( who lives in Canberra) will be available to sign copies of any books purchased.

Along with a big grin, children will also go home with a goodie bag and a wombat cookie.

Doesn’t it all sound simply fabulous?


TO BOOK YOUR PLACE CALL LJ on 03-9645 2058 or email lj@threefour.com.au.

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