Where Can a Love of Reading Lead You?

Have you ever taken notice of the motto for My Little Bookcase? A love of reading starts with one special story. I believe in this motto wholeheartedly. I started My Little Bookcase to help parents find that one special story for their children that would ultimately help them to fall in love with books and reading.

My Little Bookcase discusses where a love of reading can lead you?

But lately I’ve been wondering where that love of reading can lead you. I know that the journey starts with a special story, but where does the journey end?

● Maybe it might take you to the other side of the world where you’ll travel to a place you read about in a book.

● Perhaps it might lead you to a creative career in writing or illustrating books.

● Maybe your passion for reading will lead you to become a teacher or a perhaps a mentor for children or adults with low literacy skills.

● Maybe you’ll direct a play or a movie based on a book you loved as a child.

● Perhaps your love of books will take you on a discovery for knowledge in a life filled with study and research.

I’d love to know where your love of reading has taken you.

Personally, my life has been shaped by books. My love for reading led to a love of learning, and I inevitably became a teacher.  Once Cammy came along, My Little Bookcase was also born; it was completely and utterly hatched from a love of books.  My Little Bookcase has been HUGE part of my life over the past three years. Not only have I had the pleasure of meeting many book-lovers, authors, illustrators and publishers, but I know I’ve inspired many parents and educators too. Now, I have found myself working with a wonderful team of passionate readers and storytellers on a project that I feel incredibly passionate about. Story Box Library is taking my love of books to a new level beyond the cosy little place that My Little Bookcase has become.

I don’t think there is an end to the journey at all. A love of reading can keep taking you to amazing places.

I realised this while I was watching the Australian Open during January. I kept seeing an advertisement for Open Universities Australia (you know the ad with the big heads?). I gained more and more interest each time I watched the ad. You can watch the ad here, if you happened to miss it:

Then I received an email about Open Universities Australia and I took it as a sign that, for me, now is the time for change.  The ad ends with “There’s always time to grow into the person you want to be, because at Open Universities Australia, we believe your best days are ahead of you” , and I know that’s true for me. I think I do have more to offer the book and education sectors.

My Little Bookcase certainly isn’t going anywhere in a hurry, but I sense that, in its current state, it has run its course.

Find your dream job at Open Universities Australia

Thinking that there might be a new chapter ahead of me, I gave into temptation and had a little peek around the Open Universities Australia website, and spotted a course I now have my eye on.

A Graduate Diploma in Professional Communication would definitely help me develop my role at Story Box Library, but there is another little big dream I have:

I love reading and exploring books with children, but what I really want is to be involved in the creation of children’s books.  There are units in this course that would help me to hone my writing and editing skills, leaving the door ajar for me to realise that dream one day, maybe when the kids are in school.

I obviously have a lot of decisions to make. For now this will be Cammy’s last year before she starts school, so I’m not going to jump into anything too soon.  My posts here may become few and far between as I use this year to set some new goals for myself and for My Little Bookcase.  It’s a big decision to take on study because I know it will take time away from my family. I plan on taking full advantage of the support Open Universities Australia has in place that will help to ease my concerns:

● Preparatory units to help ensure I’m following the right course path

● Student support and counselling

● FEE HELP options

But I’d really love to hear from you too.

Have you returned to study? How did you juggle family and study commitments? Have you had a career change?

And for those of you who haven’t returned to study, are there dreams that you’d like to pull from the shelf? Is there a course at Open Universities Australia that could make it happen for you?

Find your dream job at Open Universities Australia

This post is sponsored by Open Universities Australia.

Where Can a Love of Reading Lead You?


  1. How exciting Jackie! I whole heartedly believe in pursuing something that you are passionate about. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a lover of stories and a gifted teacher. I am sure that this next phase for you will be beyond amazing. I had a career change (before starting a family though), and I am ever so glad I did. I moved from business marketing to primary school teaching. I value the skills and experience i gained from business marketing, but I am so glad I moved onto teaching because that’s what I am passionate about. I look forward to hearing about your adventures ahead. xoxo P

  2. I love that ad Jackie. The big heads and eyes remind me of dirt girl and I LOVE dirt girl!

    This new future sounds really exciting and I have no doubt that you will put 100% in and bring some amazing enthusiasm to your new direction. I can’t wait to hear more!

  3. I think sometimes it can be very daunting taking on something new and we can feel comfortable staying where we are. Unfortunately that doesn’t always mean we feel happy about it. I completely believe that dreams need to be pursued and it’s awesome that Open Universities offer so many courses, I had no idea of the fabulous range! Thanks for opening my eyes to this.

  4. Wow what fabulous dreams you have, and I really appreciate you sharing your heart here. I have considered studying again but thought it was impossible having young children – having the commute, etc etc. But I’m going to browse the Open Universities website to see what’s available…

  5. Hope it all works out for you :-)

  6. Just lovely to hear all about your dreams!

    Books inspire me to be brave enough to try new things… and I think it might be the same for my kids, as they all adore reading and seem to grab books on topics they are struggling with or living through right now as a way to help them find their path… and I just love that!

  7. This is so exciting Jackie. Good on you for following your heart and taking the steps to make your dreams become a reality.

  8. Good Luck Jackie, that sounds like a great path to pursue.
    I was going to say Knowledge, I think a love for reading can teach you a lot.

  9. Good luck Jackie – I think you have much to offer too :)
    I have always enjoyed reading your posts on My Little Bookshop and your new direction looks so exciting. I think it’s fantastic that there are so many different options to study now like those available through Open Universities for those returning to study or even studying for the first time. I went back to uni myself a few years ago to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher but I couldn’t have done it without the flexible study options available and support they offer along with it.

  10. I keep seeing this ad too! And I figure it was giving me a sign. And now I figure this post is giving me a sign too :) I’ve been a stay at home mum full time for 3 years, and part time for nearly 7 years. Returning to the work place sounds scary but I don’t think I can stay at home forever and live a life that is fulfilling. I too have a background in books, although the retail side since I was 18. Now I am 36 and wondering what my love of books will lead too. I feel like I would love to do some kind of teaching or be involved with children or schools. Ultimate dream would be in a library but I’m not sure the long term future for libraries? I know so many people whose children have never stepped foot in a library before they started school – this makes me want to cry a little bit!
    This post has been great food for thought! I love your site and use it very regularly for recommendations.

  11. Great to read your dreams! I do have my own dreams about doing my masters in education at some point. We shall have to see!

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