Win: Two ANZAC titles courtesy of HarperCollins (closed)

Congratulations to Martine and Louise- winners of this giveaway.

Courtesy of HarperCollins, My Little Bookcase has two individual ANZAC Day titles to giveaway.

The first book is A Day to Remember, a non-fiction picture book by Jackie French and Mark Wilson. The second is a junior fiction novel called The Horses Didn’t Come Home by Pamela Rushby. Both books have been published by HarperCollins and are suitable for children of mid-upper primary school and lower secondary school. You can read more about the books here.

To enter:

  • Leave a message below and tell us how you and your family commemorate the ANZACs.
  • Please also tell us which book you would prefer to win. You can read the book descriptions here.

The winner:

Two random draws will take place (one for each book). Each draw will produce one random winner.

Terms and conditions:

1. Each reader may enter only once.

2. Entrants must live in Australia. The prize will only be awarded to entrants living in Australia.

3. All entries must be received by 8pm (EDT) on Thursday 26 April, 2012

4. The winners will be selected using

5. The  winners will be notified via email

6. The winners will also be announced on, facebook and Twitter.

7. The winners are asked to send a reply email with their delivery address

Good luck!

Win: Two ANZAC titles courtesy of HarperCollins (closed)


  1. I’d love The Horses Didn’t Come home as I have 3 older boys 12, 10 and 8 and I am always looking for books that will interest them. I also am passionate about history and teaching our kids about the facts in a way that is relevant for their age and development.

    • jackie said: On May 4, 2012

      It does sound like this would be a book that your whole family would enjoy.

  2. I think with my background in History and young girls love of horses, ‘The Horses Didnt Come Home’ would be a great way to engage girls who may normally find studying War History boring. This text would be a fantastic resource in the primary classroom and in time for my two girls also.

    • jackie said: On May 4, 2012

      I enjoy studying history, but this was a different book altogether. You become so engrossed in the book, you forget you’re learning altogether.
      I hope you find yourself a copy- especially because your girls love horses.

  3. I would love “A Day to Remember” as we all love both Jackie French’s writing and Mark Wilson’s stunning illustrations.

    Tomorrow we will commemorate Anzac day with our elder daughter leading the school for the march and our younger marching with her. Both girls will be wearing their Great great grandfather’s medals.

    • jackie said: On May 4, 2012

      What a special moment for both of your girls. I hope you do find a copy of the book. It sounds like it would mean a lot to your family.

  4. To commemorate ANZAC Day, my partner and I attended the dawn service at his work (he’s a digger) and now we are heading into town for the march.

    “A Day to Remember” would be my choice.

    • jackie said: On May 4, 2012

      My thanks to your partner, whose work I respect very much. I hope you can find a copy of the book. I think it is one that all diggers and their families will treasure.

  5. I would love “A Day To Remember” as I find it hard to explain Anzac Day to my son, and feel silly now that I never thought to look to a book like I usually do to help me explain and illustrate things in life.
    We are commemorating them today by making paper poppies and giving thanks for their sacrifice.

    • jackie said: On May 4, 2012

      Like Easter, I think war is most certainly difficult to talk about with young children too. I always turn to books when I’m having trouble. Your poppies sound like a great activity to do with young children.

  6. We would love ‘A Day To Remember’. We are commemorating them today by starting to explain to my 3 year old what today is about now she is old enough to start to understand. I think having a book like this would be fantastic.

    Lest We Forget

    • jackie said: On May 4, 2012

      Congratulations on winning the book, and for taking the time to explain the importance of ANZAC day to your daughter.

  7. Day always starts with Dawn service, breakfast with family, cooking ANZAC biscuits and catching up with folks….. these days means getting the kids in on the act too! Lest we forget.

    • jackie said: On May 4, 2012

      Well done for still making it to the Dawn Service with your children. That is a fine effort.

  8. I’d love ‘A Day to Remember.’ Yesterday, we began by making Anzac biscuits. I took out a whole range of ingredients and the kids went through the process of elimination until we were left with the correct ones. We chatted about the history underpinning the recipe. We watched the Anzac march on tv and later went to visit a local war memorial. I have young children but it was good to see my eldest, pointing out the symbols like the flag, uniforms, rosemary, wreaths, etc and being able to talk about soldiers’ sacrifice and how we show our respect. The days before, we did some simple crafts like a colouring in book and made a paper poppy wreath and we also read ‘Simpson the his Donkey’ which was really good. Thanks for the give away!

    • jackie said: On May 4, 2012

      Chris, I love the sorting activity you undertook with the ANZAC biscuits. I might have to try that next year myself.

  9. A Day to Remember – We started our day with the dawn service, we then come home for breakfast and make Anzac biscuits. We all then get together and plant some poppies and make some paper craft poppies with the little kiddies……… we then tell them a story about the ANZACs and the war……… What a wonderful day…..

    • jackie said: On May 4, 2012

      Well done Melissa on the effort you go to with your family to highlight the importance of the day.

  10. We discussed what ANZAC Day is and who we remember.
    We also listened to The Last Post and stood to observe the minute silence when it was on for the football :) Still very moving and able to explain.
    My daughter’s school held an ANZAC Sports day today, where the oath was read and a minute silence observed. I learnt about the tradition of schools getting together for sports carnivals on ANZAC Day in the past. A great tradition.
    We would love to read “A Day To Remember”

    • jackie said: On May 4, 2012

      Liz, I didn’t even know about the schools tradition. Thanks for sharing.

  11. My girls are still very young so we talk about the meaning of the word and war in general terms. We made ANZAC biscuits like many others and explained why they came to be known as such. The Jackie French book looks good. Our post office had some copies last week but when I went to get one on Monday, they were all gone :( I’ll have to order one if I don’t win one

    • jackie said: On May 4, 2012

      It really is a special book, I’m not surprised they sold quickly.

  12. I would love A Day to Remember. On ANZAC Day we attended the 11am ceremony. Every year I have hone and since my kids were born I have been taking them. We had lunch with mates.

  13. jackie said: On May 4, 2012

    Thank you for entering this special giveaway. the following entrants were randomly selected to receive the books donated to us by HarperCollins:
    Marinte@themodernparent- the Horses Never Came Home
    Louise- A Day to Remember.