Product Review: Aunty Rozzy’s Happy Music with a Healthy Message

It’s National Nutrition Week in Australia so I thought I’d share a fantastic resource I came across at a recent blogger’s event.

You’ll notice that these books are not the type of books you’d usually find on My Little Bookcase. They don’t have the charming language and adorable illustrations I normally swoon over.

But if you’re looking for something that will help your child get excited about eating healthy food then you really can’t look past these cute and playful books by Aunty Rozzy.

These books are a recipe (excuse the pun) for success when it comes to encouraging your kids to eat healthily. Aunty Rozzy’s used all the right ingredients (oh, another pun!) to engage your child: cute characters, repetitive text, catchy tunes, accompanying CDs, plus website games, videos and printable activities.

I’m lucky that my daughter is a wonderful eater, but even so these books took food to a new level for her. She asks to listen to Nanna’s Carrots almost every day and she loves to independently read along with the CD. Carrots have most certainly become her favourite food. She demands we eat them at almost every meal, helps me to prepare the  carrots,  and she even asks for a carrot to play with in her toy kitchen.

About the books:

Ros Tesoriero (Aunty Rozzy) has produced two books (with a third on its way); each with a healthy message. Both books come with a CD including audio tracks of the stories and a song.

Ros has experience as a musician and an educator and wanted to start a veggie revolution by producing her Aunty Rozzy books.  She “believe(s) happy music with a healthy message can evoke a positive feeling towards healthy eating,”

Nanna’s Carrots

The first book is Nanna’s Carrots, where we first meet Nanna, Aunty Rozzy, Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit. Perry and Harriette along with a menagerie of other animals love Nanna’s carrots. It doesn’t matter whether they’re big or small, sweet or raw, or steamed or sautéed, they travel the world to eat them. Everybody loves Nanna’s carrots in pies, cakes, muffins, soups, juices and mousses. The kids learn that carrots can be versatile in this fun book.

After reading the book you and your child can log onto the Aunty Rozzy website where you can watch the video, play a game of Harriette’s Carrot Dreams, print some colouring and activity sheets or print and cook recipes for Nanna’s Carrot Juice, Nanna’s Carrot Salad, Nanna’s Carrot and Orange Flourless Cake and Nanna’s Carrot Muffins.

The Incredible Edible Alphabet

Nanna, Aunty Rozzy, Perry and Harriette again join in the fun in The Incredible Edible Alphabet as they explore each letter of the alphabet and a range of exciting fruits and vegetables. In between Awesome Apples and Zingy Zucchinis, your child may also learn about some new foods such as dates, honeydew and ugli fruit. It’s a simple book with a letter, food and adjective featured on each page but it certainly has a catchy tune.

Again, head to the website once you’ve finished reading the book. You’ll find more printables, a game of The Incredible Edible Alphabet Memory Game and recipes for most of the foods featured in the book. Now that watermelons are in season my daughter and I will certainly be making the Wicked Watermelon and Feta Salad.

If you’re a teacher you might even be interested in Aunty Rozzy, Perry and Harriette visiting your classroom to help you spread a healthy eating message.

Visit the Aunty Rozzy website and take a look for yourself.

Product Review: Aunty Rozzy’s Happy Music with a Healthy Message


  1. These books are sensational my youngest child potters around the house singing ‘Nanna’s Carrots’. Its refreshing, educational, and entertaining.
    A must read for pre-schoolers, be warned you will be hooked on the songs.

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