Book Giveaway: Win a copy of Missy’s Birthday Surprise (Closed)

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Courtesy of Victoria Jones of Missy Books Online

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1.In Missy’s Birthday Surprise, Missy overcomes her fear of heights. Does your child have something they’re fearful of? Tell us in a comment below for your entry into this giveaway.

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  • One winner will be randomly selected

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1. Each reader may enter only once.

2. All entries must be received by  8pm (AEST) Sunday 21 August 2011 to be eligible

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4. The  winner will be notified via email on the Monday 22 August 2011

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Book Giveaway: Win a copy of Missy’s Birthday Surprise (Closed)


  1. My little girl is a little bit scared of climbing ladders. The part she’s most afraid of is climbing over the top of the a-frame.
    A little bit of fun at the playground seems to help :)

  2. My daughter Izzy is frightened of eating!! Especially dinner! Doesn’t matter what is served up, she is too frightened to even look and just goes into tears, screaming and tantrums and retreats to her room!! It’s her birthday in 3 weeks so this would be a perfect prize to win ;-)

  3. Little Miss Four has inherited my fear of creepy-crawlies so it means neither of us are all that excited about gardening. Luckily we only have a tiny back courtyard.

  4. Amy said: On August 15, 2011

    Miss Sami is going through a stage where she is ever-fearful of shadows….she is afraid that monsters will crawl out of them at night time.

    Lots of night-lights on in our house!!

  5. My daughter Shauni is frightened of birds,she doesn’t like them flying above or near her.

  6. The dark, but easily fixed with a night light

  7. Clowns … and fair enough I think!

  8. My little one year old is a tad scared of her very tall cousin! He has a rather loud booming voice and laugh! The poor little one gets a bit stunned and her eyes google!

  9. My daughter is scared of the dark and regularly comes in and cuddles up next to me at night

  10. My little girl is ‘ascared of playdough, she had a sticky batch at day care, had trouble getting it off her hands, gave her a fright

  11. As a kinder teacher I have many children afraid of climbing the aframes and gross motor set ups, this book would be so helpful to so many children!

  12. Mr 4 is scared of cats. Not quite sure why as there have been no scary experiences in the past. Its a strange thing we’re working on, as we’d love a family pet one day.

  13. Miss 5 is quite afraid of the dark, does not like to be alone in the dark. So I lay with her every night until she falls asleep, but if she happens to wake up during the night she ends up in my bed which happens more often than i’d like it too.

  14. Bubbles,………… don’t know why. Bath time has to be very peaceful especially when washing hair. And when she farts……………oops, it’s time to get out.

  15. My kids are almost petrified of a black cat that lives in the neighbourhood! Not sure if they are ‘extra’ scared because it’s black, but being a very friendly cat it likes to rub up against your leg if you are out the front, they run screaming when checking hte letter box and basically jump on me, trying to climb up higher and higher!

  16. My daughter is scared of robots! Especially scary ones that. talk. like. this. :)

  17. Amy said: On August 20, 2011

    My 2 year old is afraid of nightlights! We have tried all different ones because she doesn’t like the dark but it doesn’t make any difference so now we just leave the hall light on and open the door a crack instead.

  18. little miss 2 is scared of spiders but does like to stomp on them if no one is looking.

  19. My daughter is scared of all insects, bees and spiders even the tinniest ones that you can barely see.

  20. Both boys were afraid of heights-until we took them indoor rock climbing-then heights became fun!

  21. Both of my sons (4 & 5yr old) or both petrified of spiders, bees and moths. Everytime the see any of them they scream.

  22. Hi Jackie!
    The eldest loves bugs but at the same time is terrified of them. A little ladybug is not scary but she thinks they are. :)

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