Book Week 2013 Giveaway #2: Win a copy of The Bedtime Poem for Edible Children

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The Bedtime Poem for Edible Children

Doesn’t  every parent just want to gobble up their child sometimes? Libbi Gorr has written a bedtime poem about it. Here’s a little snippet:

‘It’s far too late for sweets right now

or ice cream, I suppose.

It’s best I finish what is here

And just bite off your nose.’

I don’t know how your kids feel  being eaten, but my children think the idea is hilarious. This is simply a fun book to read with your kids before you tuck them into bed at night.

We have two copies to giveaway, courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers.

To enter:

  • Simply leave a message below and share a bedtime ritual you have in your home.

The winners:

  • The two most creative entries will each receive a copy of The Bedtime Poem for Edible Children.

Terms and conditions:

1. Each reader may enter only once.

2. The giveaway is only open to Australian residents.

3. All entries must be received by 9.30 pm (AEST) on Wednesday 21 August 2013

4. The winners will be chosen by Jackie Small of My Little Bookcase

5. The winners will be notified via email

6. The winners will also be announced on, Facebook and Twitter

7. The winners are asked to send a reply email including their delivery address within 7 days before a new winner is selected

Book Week 2013 Giveaway #2: Win a copy of The Bedtime Poem for Edible Children


  1. we have lots of little things. A story, a goodnight squeeze, an I love you exchange, a “hoot hoot” but my favourite of all is MY ritual on my way to bed no matter what the time is. I’ll stop by their beds and tuck them in (usually turn them around), find the teddy and tuck it back in too, kiss heads, tell them i love them and feel so proud on how amazing they are.

  2. Our bedtime ritual is a story chosen by each of our children (so thats 3 stories), then our twins get a piggy back ride each off mum and dad, and chased by big brother who pretends to be a fox (thankyou Peter Rabbit!). Then hugs and kisses for all, including various teddies. Lights out for the girls, then time for big brother to go to sleep. Two more stories and a piggy back ride from daddy, before more kisses and lights out with a talking book on the cd player. Bedtime is a long and lovely process in our house!

  3. Our bedtime ritual starts with our 3 girls picking out a story each ( but most nights we always end up reading a lot more then 3) but the one thing I love about our bedtime ritual is when daddy is home he has a special way of taking the girls to bed…they call it spiderpig (from the Simpson’s:) he lifts them up so they are crawling along the ceiling to their bedrooms,they think its hilarious…and I know it’s going to be something they will always remember.

  4. Jay said: On August 20, 2013

    Our ritual used to be 3 books, Mum (me), Dad and Cakes (miss 3) reading a book. Of late a fourth book has joined the ritual with Sivan (the old lady cat) reading a book also. Not sure if this was added to extend bed time, because Cakes wanted an extra book or if Sivan really wanted a book because she keeps coming back.

  5. When it’s time to go to sleep
    Fresh from a bath with dad, without a peep
    We curl on the couch with a book (or two or three)
    Reading together, he turns the page for me
    Then sleepy kisses, he gives and takes
    And off to bed until he wakes

  6. It’s the same every night (I have a 1 n1/2yo and a 2 n1/2 yo) it’s eat dinner (together with 3 other siblings, me and every second week dad) , bath time (just babies), brush teeth, jammies, read books (2 babies n my 8yo), lately we have taken to a 10minute play of cars, blocks, puzzles, then bed and nighty night! Before I leave the room I demand a two arm hug and we sing skinamarinky dinky doo I love you then I turn the night light on <3

  7. The kids bedtime ritual isn’t all that exciting – stories, teeth, toilet, (whinge from No 1 – “I’m not tired”) – BUT I know that once they’ve done that boring bedtime ritual & are tucked up asleep – I get to enjoy “Mummy” treats!!! (Usually a nice glass of wine & chocolate I have hidden!!)

  8. Liz said: On August 20, 2013

    My husband and I put the kids to bed together. We have two boys who share a room. My 2 year old waits for me to drag/slide him by the arms from the bathroom to the bedroom (and the whole way he hangs his head back and opens his mouth wide as if catching the air). Our 5 year old likes to get a “walker” (a piggy back named after a Star Wars character) from his ‘Papi’ (what he calls my husband). We then all sit down on the bed to read stories. We aim for one per child and can range from 10mis to 40, depending on what we read (anything from Spot to Fantastic Mr Fox due to age differences), energy levels and our patience! They must each have a drink of water (delaying tactics methinks), Master 2 turns out the lights, I give him cuddle and tuck him in. Meantime Master 5 has a cuddle with Papi and then gets a kiss/cuddle from me. The funniest part is his ritual statement as I walk out each night “don’t forget to tell Papi to come and lie down with me for 10 minutes once I am asleep. Oh, and tell him to write it down so he doesn’t forget” and then Master 2 echoes the same thing, but I really only catch the last bit clearly “don’t forget to write down mummy!”

  9. The bedtime ritual in our home is run by my wonderful husband, Matt. He has made up funny and catchy poems or songs for each step to bed, which our 18 month old is beginning to recite with him. Then after a few stories they say goodnight to each thing in her room (just like in the story Goodnight Moon) then as Matt lays her into bed he recites the story I Love You Through and Through by Bernedette Rossetti-Shustak.

  10. My five year old loves to sing rhymes to entertain his one year old brother ( who has eczema ) while I make him ready for bed with a nappy change and pyjamas. Then I read a story book for both of them. Sometimes my five year old reads for us as well….

  11. Our routine is actually really simple with only having one kid. After dinner we pick out five or more cars or super hero’s to take a bath / shower with him and we play for about 15 min then time to wash up. He gets another five min after wash up to finish playing. Once out he dries off and drives ( making car noises and running ) down to his room where he picks out pajamas and gets ready for teeth brushing. He then drives back to the bathroom where he grabs his stool and tooth brush and we sing our teeth brushing song. He then zooms down the hall and gives daddy and the dogs kisses and picks out 2 books which after 15 min turns more into 6.. Then he snuggles Leonard ( his blanket / animal ) and its lights out with some rockabye baby. Followed by mommy checking on him 2 hours later with another hug and kiss. <3

  12. Children are indeed edible! I have a penchant for my sons ears, one of which has a little less cartilage than the other making it particularly munchable. Bedtime routines are like comfort food. Nourishing, calming a bit wicked and delicious. A mad rush through dinner, a crazy but mostly entertaining bath, attempting to calm down supper milk, group teeth-brushing, a buddy system at the toilet (apparently that place is scary alone). Mad dash to secure the comfy spot on the bed for a story each has chosen and mummy’s choice. Heated wheat bags and ten clockwise rubs of their backs with one for luck of course. A squeezy cuddle, Eskimo kiss, butterfly kiss and a flint kiss (from cloudy with a chance of meatballs) for my daughter, and an arms round cuddle (him to me) Eskimo kiss and proper kiss for my son. ‘Goodnight, I love you, now go to sleep’ followed by internal pleading for just that to happen!

  13. Where I am from, bedtime routines aren’t really a ‘thing’. But now that I am married and living a different lifestyle, I am still in the stages of developing a bedtime routine for my two year old. The first year of his life, I really struggled with bedtime. He hated it!! I usually had to rock hin to sleep. Another year down the road, we have somewhat of a routine. After dinner, its bath time. He plays with his cups and cars in the bath. Getting him out is another problem, so I usually have to coax him out. After getting ready for bed, I usually read him a book. He usually insists on Good night moon. English is not our native language so I sometimes have fun explaining everything to him. Sometimes I let him play with his cars for some quiet time. When it’s time for bed, I turn on the night light and go lie down on the bed with ‘Benny’ , his teddy. We co-sleep. He usually joins us in bed. Then, we watch the stars and the moon while we cuddle. He loves to watch the moon. Then, I breast feed him to sleep while listening to the waves (we live near the beach) with Benny next to him. A kiss goodnight, and whispered I love yous wraps it up.

    Sigh. How I love him.

  14. Hubby takes Miss Five and Miss Nine
    Off to bed, and it all goes fine
    I get to settle Little Miss Three
    Who loves nothing more than to be
    Snuggled under the covers, book in hand
    Then I read her the story, it all goes as planned
    When it comes to bedtime routines, I’m pretty blessed
    At the end of our day, we all love our rest!

  15. One of my favourite bedtime rituals comes after the kids have had their bubble baths with daddy and their stories, cuddles, kisses and “I love you’s” with mummy. It’s when I’m on my way to bed and I check on all my babies and see what crazy sleep positions they are in! I often find Monkey lying half off the pillow with his arms behind his head and a few extra soft toy friends! Mini is either horizontal across the bed or upside down occasionally with the bum in the air pose! And Zeke is still wrapped up like a caterpillar, but sometimes he can get his arms out and they are spread out like wings!

  16. First one out of the bath at our house gets to choose the first bedtime story. Sometimes we read on the couch, other times I sit at the end of the bottom bunk and read to my two boys. Then they choose an audio book CD to fall asleep to – at the moment the favourite is Harry and the Bucket of Dinosaurs!! 2 sleeping children always appear edible to me!!

  17. The bedtime ritual in our house resembles a Zoo! First we lock our two monkeys in their cages (high chairs) then we throw food in the vague direction of their mouth whilst they swing about their cage and chatter wildly to eachother. Next it’s hosedown time for our two little elephants. We place them in their hose down pen (the bath) and tip water over them whilst they splash and frolic about. Next it’s out and dry and dress our two little octupuses. It’s tentacles everywhere as we try to get the right pj’s on the right octupus. Then we put our two little mice in their beds and they quietly listen to 3 stories before they close their little eyes. As I watch my babies sleep I give them a goodnight kiss. I breathe a sigh of relief and then get ready for the zoo to open again at 6am tomorrow!

  18. Our bedtime ritual with our 1 year old, is a story read twice because he loves it, carry him to his bedroom, daddy cleans his teeth and then hands him to me. I give him a big cuddle, and say, “Goodnight sweetheart, mummy loves you to the moon and beyond, have a good sleep.” Sometimes he will cuddle me back, he opens his mouth for a kiss, and then I hand him back to daddy. As I’m walking out the room, daddy asks him to wave goodnight to me, he giggles and waves. Daddy tucks him into bed.

  19. Often the bedtime routine resembles a yoyo. Feed, wash, dress and into bed with a book and a kiss! Then it begins….. I need a drink! I need to go..! Can you tuck me up? i just need to say…! Just one last kiss! In out and back again……Until peace reigns

  20. ….our goodnight is a hug a kiss and a high five :)