Giveaway: A Signed Copy of A Dad Who Measures Up (closed)

Thanks to Wilkins Farago, we have one signed copy of A Dad Who Measures Up to giveaway.

If you need some more encouragement to enter this giveaway, find out a bit more about the book and check out how you can get your children’s dad involved in this fun reading activity.

To enter:

The winner:

  • A random draw will take place to find a winner

Terms and conditions:

1. Each reader may enter only once.

2. Entrants must live in Australia. The prize will only be awarded to entrants living in Australia.

3. All entries must be received by 8pm (EDT) on Wednesday 16 May, 2012

4. The winner will be selected using

5. The  winner  will be notified via email

6. The winner will also be announced on, facebook and Twitter.

7. The winner is asked to send a reply email with their delivery address. The book will be signed by Davide when he arrives in Australia and will be sent directly from Wilkins Farago.

Giveaway: A Signed Copy of A Dad Who Measures Up (closed)


  1. Nabeela said: On May 9, 2012

    He likes spicy food and ginger is his favourite spice – don’t hear many say that!

  2. Diane said: On May 9, 2012

    First up: I never heard of Davide Cali but I love your activity on measuring Dad. Next stop: that Swedish shop for one of those LOOONG rolls of paper.

    Second: A fact about Davide Cali … he loves cold countries, so it’s just as well he is in Denmark for a month to write.

  3. This book looks awesome. A fact about Davide: his guitars have names.

  4. He would like to write a song for Billy Corgan, from his favourite band the Smashing Pumpkins.

  5. Janelle said: On May 9, 2012

    This sounds like a gorgeous book, I’d love to read it with my daughter and her Dad :)
    I liked the fact about how David would love to write a song for Billy Corgan, his favourite musician. I love the Smashing Pumpkins too! Although I’ve heard Billy can be a bit of a perfectionist and control freak….

  6. Interesting fact: He plays electric guitar; each of his 3 guitars has a name. (Oh that’s 2 facts!)

  7. Judith said: On May 10, 2012

    His favourite cuisine to cook is Japanese. My stay at home hubby sometimes dabbles in Japanese cookery. I just wish Miss Five would enjoy eating more than plain rice!

  8. Elissa said: On May 10, 2012

    He would love to act in a Woody Allen film. This guy has some pretty fantastic goals!

  9. AmberB said: On May 10, 2012

    He wanted to be a cartoonist :)

  10. He used to play guitar in a rockband!

  11. His favourite cuisine to cook is Japanese.

  12. He likes cooking Japanese food!

  13. Davide was born in Switzerland and grew up in Italy. My grandfather grew up in Italy (near the border of Switzerland)!!

  14. Another one of our fav books of his is “Santa’s Suit” ….this sits with our Christmas book collection which comes out in July for a bit too!!

  15. Just amazing to have so many books printed in soooo many languages!

  16. I like that David has three electric guitars and they each have a name – I totally understand this and name my instruments too!

  17. Cindy said: On May 16, 2012

    He used to play guitar in a rock band! Has 3 guitars & named each one of them.

  18. jackie said: On May 17, 2012

    Thanks to everyone who entered this giveaway. it is an exciting one. Davide is now in Oz for a short time, so make sure you attend one of his events. You can find out more at:
    Without further ado, the winner of this signed book is Diane :)

Giveaway: A Signed Copy of A Dad Who Measures Up (closed)

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