Giveaway: Win one of two Beauty and the Beast Prize Packs (Closed)

To celebrate the last weeks of Beauty and the Beast before the film is returned to the Disney Vault, Walt Disney Studios Australia is offering My Little Bookcase two prize packs to giveaway:

The Prize Pack includes:

  • Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray disc (returns to the Disney Vault on July 31, 2012)~ DVD shown in image above
  • Disney Princess’ Book of Secrets Diary
  • Bambi Blu-ray Disc (returns to the Disney Vault on July 31, 2012)~ Not pictured in image above
  • Bambi picture book

To enter:

Leave a message below answering the following question, If you were transformed into an enchanted household object like Mrs Potts or Cogworth, what would you be?

The winners:

A random draw will take place to select two winners

Terms and conditions:

1. Each reader may leave one comment below

2. Entrants must live in Australia. The prize will only be awarded to entrants living in Australia.

3. All entries must be received by 8pm (AEST) on Monday 9 July, 2012

4. The winners will be selected using

5. The winners  will be notified via email

6. The winners will also be announced on, facebook and Twitter.

7. The winners are asked to send a reply email with their delivery address, and must respond within 7 days before a re-draw will take place.

8. The prize packs will be sent directly from Mango (PR company to Disney).

Good luck!

Giveaway: Win one of two Beauty and the Beast Prize Packs (Closed)


  1. If I were transformed into an enchanted household object I’d like to be a tea-cup. Numerous conversations start with a cuppa, and I’d love to be a part of it all ;)

  2. I think I would be transformed into a nice and plump little Jamie Oliver cookbook! I’d have his accent of course and I’d flap about the kitchen all day cooking up delicious meals!

  3. If I were to be transformed into an enchanted household object, I would like to be a cake stand, so I could attend parties and celebrations! :-)

  4. I would love to be something nice like a tea cup or tea pot but, to be honest, if our house was enchanted I think I would probably be turned into a broom! All I seem to be doing lately is sweeping up after two messy little eaters!

  5. I would be a mixing bowl :) There are so many special bonds and stories formed between different generations over cooking.

  6. Marcus said: On July 3, 2012

    A Doormat, I get walked over as it is!

  7. If I were transformed into an enchanted household object I’d like to be a big fridge/freezer. Then I would always be full of lots of yummy food!!

  8. I would be a bookshelf so I could hold all the knowledge of the house and always have reading material on hand!

  9. Ziggy said: On July 3, 2012

    I’d be a heater so I could stay warm all Winter then go on Summer break!

  10. Dee said: On July 3, 2012

    An enchanted couch, to cradle family and friends comfortably in my arms, making them feel at ease, and also to give them delightful back rubs too.

  11. Diana said: On July 3, 2012

    I’d be a never emptying bar fridge. As soon as I’ve given a beer to one of the boys, magically it’s replenished! And not a real big stretch from the real me, always fetching hubby and his mates drinks and snacks.

  12. Donato said: On July 3, 2012

    An enormous LCD TV. Everyone loves them, everyone wants one. And who doesn’t want to be wanted, bringing smiles to loved ones faces. And I’d be an extra special enchanted TV, using no electricity what so ever :)

  13. I’d be a speaker, that way I could control the volume level in the house for a change!

  14. Sue said: On July 3, 2012

    I’d be a decanter so I’d always be full of tasty wine!

  15. A bed. I get to lie around all day long under the doona.

  16. I’d love to be an enchanted oven, always cooking up delicious dinners and treats, never burning anything and having a self clean function, so I didn’t have to do that!

  17. If I was to be transformed into an enchanted household object I’d like to be a picture on the wall, ‘beautifully framed and always hanging around to listen to everyone’s conversations’ I’m already a bit square anyway ;)

  18. I’d like to be a TV remote control. I could make little annoying noises and comments at hubby whenever he tries to change the channel.

  19. A coffee machine old or new , Id be warmed up and smell ever so good in the mornings, Im there for de-stressing moments, chats with friends be like being a human minus the cleaning part I pity the broom or mop!

  20. Bella said: On July 4, 2012

    I would love to be a vase to hold pretty flowers and always be admired.

  21. Guy said: On July 4, 2012

    The TV. Then everybody would always have their eyes on me!

  22. A teddy bear because everybody loves to cuddle a teddy bear :)

  23. AmberB said: On July 4, 2012

    A doona – so I could provide warmth and comfort to anyone who needed it.

  24. An armchair I think, not any particular reason, I can just picture myself as an armchair. I suppose I am quite soft and comfortable :P

    kate1485 at

  25. Dean said: On July 5, 2012

    A fireplace. Then I could say I’m on fire and mean it!

  26. I’d like to be turned into a spoon and I very much enjoy spooning.

  27. If i was turned into an object I would love to be a fridge so that I could smell all the lovely food inside.

  28. If I was transformed into a enchanted household I’d love to be a oven so I can help cook wanderful creations to share with friends!!

  29. I would transform into a heater, I would be warm as a button in the cold!

  30. my bed for sure..then i never have to leave it ;)

  31. A chair for your comfort,to rest your weary bones.

  32. Karly said: On July 7, 2012

    The TV so at least I’d have something to listen to each day

  33. My fridge because I’m so cool ;)

  34. Mick said: On July 8, 2012

    A spatula so that I get to taste all the yummy cake mixes and icing without putting on any weight

  35. Jodie said: On July 8, 2012

    If transformed into a household object I believe I would choose to be an antique tea cup passed down through the family. This way I would be treasured for my delicate beauty and yet used everyday to warm and sustain whilst always linking to the lips of my kin and the enchanting stories that fell from those very lips.

  36. Soup bowl…round and plump, a little like me…full of my favourite thing to eat!

  37. Irena said: On July 9, 2012

    A heater, so I could stay warm when it’s cold!

  38. I would choose to be a coffee cup as I would hear some great gossip, have something warm in me and would also get a shower at the end of the day

  39. I would be a window and be optimistic I am a piece of furniture because then the door closes…

  40. Love to be a teapot as sooooo many interesting conversations are started while relaxing over a cuppa of real tea not teabags.

  41. Thanks for entering this giveaway, It has been one of our most popular ones, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the responses- quite funny.

    The two winners are:
    Mick and
    Rebecca Costa.

    Congrats, please email with your delivery addresses.