Giveaway: Win one of two e-book copies of So Many Sounds

To celebrate the release of So Many Sounds, My Little Bookcase is giving away two e-book copies-  courtesy of author, Claire Chadwick

So Many Sounds Cover

You can read more about So Many Sounds here.

Please note: The eBook can be read from an Amazon Kindle. If you have an iPhone/iPad, you can simply download the  FREE Kindle app to read the eBook.

To enter:

  • Leave a comment below and tell us your favourite sound.

The winners:

  • The two best entries will each receive a link to download  So Many Sounds as an e-book

Terms and conditions:

1. Each reader may enter only once.

2. The giveaway is open to all Australian and international readers

3. All entries must be received by 9 pm (AEST) on Tuesday 23 July 2013

4. The winners will be chosen by Jackie Small of My Little Bookcase

5. The winners will be notified via email

6. The winners will also be announced on, facebook and Twitter

7. The winners are asked to send a reply email within 7 days before a new winner is selected

Giveaway: Win one of two e-book copies of So Many Sounds


  1. Jode said: On July 16, 2013

    Was just reading your review of this book Jackie and it sounds fantastic. My girls are so interested in days of the week at the moment and my sensory twin is very sensitive to noises we often don’t hear but can bother her so this would be a wonderful book to explore with her sister and join in on some of the extension activities together!
    My favourite sound at the moment is listening to my twins enter their imaginary world together in the sandpit outside…they share so many words and noises all of their own!

  2. It’s corny, but my favourite sound is my little 5 month old’s laugh! His new giggle is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. His favourite sound though is gobblegobblegobble. A future fan of turkeys perhaps?

  3. Bree said: On July 21, 2013

    The soft pitter patter of rain on the windows – it’s the perfect invitation to snuggle up on the lounge with my two girls under a blanket to read our favourite storybooks together.

  4. I love to hear my daughter sing:) She would enjoy and appreciate all the concepts and information that this book teaches

  5. Karen said: On July 21, 2013

    Amelia, my 4 year old, was listening to the rain the other day with an intent expression. Before I could say anything she came out with “I just LOVE that sound, it is like drops of music from the sky!”

  6. Sounds like a great book to get children listening to the sounds around them. My favorite sound is the clinking of a gate. Sounds weird but if its the right sound it takes me back to my childhood when I spent many holidays with my grandmother. When her gate opened or closed it had a particular sound. If I hear that now it sends me way back in time to happy memories.

  7. Favourite sound? Silence. With my two little munchkins tramping all around the house, I don’t hear it very often though!

  8. chirping of birds is my favourite sound…

  9. Master 3 would say chocolate! I know it doesn’t have a sound but opening the wrapper and snapping the block does. He can hear it when I’m sneaking it in the cupboard!

  10. Can’t beat the sound of good music!

  11. My favourite sound is currently the sound of my 16 mth old “reading” a book. The way his tone & pitch differs as his finger “follow the sentences” is really quite funny to watch tee hee hee!

  12. A bit silly but I do like my 3 year old twin boys having a ‘discussion’ about something – particularly as one has hearing loss & wears hearing aids & his speech is a bit delayed. Don’t love it when it escalates beyond a discussion, but it makes me laugh when they are having words about something!

  13. My favorite sounds are the sounds my students make while silent reading, the little laughs, when they nudge each other to whisper to share a favorite part, and the gasps when they are surprised or delighted by the story.

  14. My newest favorite sound after our central air died in the 7 day heat wave is the sounds of our new window unit and fans whirring away since that means we are no longer sweating :)

  15. Mel said: On July 22, 2013

    My favourite sound is rain on the roof when I’m snuggled up in bed, but I also love the sound of 2 year old Angus and 4 year old Ella playing together in their room when they don’t know I’m listening. So cute!

  16. Amy said: On July 22, 2013

    My absolute favourite sound is the uncontrollable giggling of my gorgeous 3 1/2 year old son. It instantly makes every other bit of my day fade away and uplifts me like nothing else.

  17. I love the sound of magpies chortling and warbling on a fine sunny morning, it’s so relaxing :-)

  18. Debs said: On July 23, 2013

    The little “click” when the kettle turns itself off because it’s boiled. It means that coffee is near.

  19. My 2 year old’s breathing as he sleeps next to me. :-)