Tree month giveaway: Win a copy of Small Fry Outdoors (Closed)

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Erica S for winning a copy of

Small Fry: Outdoors by Caroline Webster

Courtesy of the Small Fry Team and ABC Books (HarperCollins)

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3. All entries must be received by  8pm (AEST) Monday 8 August 2011 to be eligible.

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Tree month giveaway: Win a copy of Small Fry Outdoors (Closed)


  1. Wow, ‘Small Fry: Outdoors’ sounds like a magical book to me – I need ideas to encourage my children to play outside more and be creative. It appears to be easy to read and implement and I like how it can be used all year round. It would be a great coffee table book and it definately would inspire my family and their friends with the gorgeous photographs, to go outside and have fun!

    • Great idea virginia. I think sitting this book on the coffee table would ensure it gets well used. Caro also suggests ‘outdoor’ type activities you can do indoors for when the weather is just too bad to venture outside. Very practical. Good luck.

  2. I love the look of this book! I’m always trying to engage my little ones in the outdoors, and I always love new ideas! I’m a visual person and I get lot of inspiration from beautiful images so that is also very appealing to me about this book.

    • Sounds like your kind of book Erica. check out the Small Fry website for more images too. Good luck.

  3. I love how many great ideas this book has for fun, creative and educational activities for children :) Much more appropriate (and cost effective) than playing video games inside!!

  4. Id love some tips on outdoor play ideas! We have 5 acrers of land that i want to work into my kids home learning environment for my blog but its all about where to start and the priority for me is making it safe, with 2 small kids i need to know they can explore WHILE being safe!

  5. I love the the fact it covers outdoor activities and indoors for raindy days and me being a person that really hates being outdoors, it gives great ideas on things I can do to play with my daughter outside even when I dont know what to do other than sitting on the ground with a good book or pushing her on the swing.

  6. sounds like a wonderful gem of a book. I know my Mr. Adventurous would love it – he loves nothing better than a day stomping about outside in his gumboots :)

  7. We are tilling our yard this year and we are deciding on what to plant as a family. The kids will each have a responsibility in the garden– it will be a learning experience for all of us! This book will help us appreciate the outdoors that much more as a family.