Halloween Giveaway: Win a SIGG children’s drink bottle and a copy of ‘And Then Comes Halloween’(CLOSED)

Win a SIGG children’s 0.4L drink bottle and a copy of And Then Comes Halloween courtesy of Walker Books Australia

This Give-away is valued at $52.55 .


Halloween isn’t as widely observed in Australia as in other parts of the world, so it can sometimes be hard for Australian children to understand the tradition.

Reading picture books is a great way to help them understand the traditions, and the SIGG water bottle will ensure your child stays hydrated while trick-or-treating this year.

About the products:

SIGG Drink Bottle

This 400 ml water bottle with leak-proof top has been designed to be healthier for your child and healthier for the planet.

Its aluminium outer case, with cute Witches Broom design, is light-weight, long lasting and can be used time and time again.

Its non-toxic EcoCare liner is taste and scent neutral and reduces the risk of bacteria build-up.

Visit www.siggaustralia.com.au for more information

And Then Comes Halloween

By Tom Brenner and Holly Meade

ISBN: 978-0763652999 (Paperback)

Published by Candlewick Press (Walker Books)

Although set in the northern hemisphere where Halloween takes place in autumn, And Then Comes Halloween is a beautiful introduction to the excitement and preparation that surrounds Halloween. Holly Meade’s watercolour and collage illustrations add brightness and texture to the story.

“When autumn spiders weave silver webs from pillar to post, and the wind whispers winter, and the bones of trees begin to show…

Then it’s time to decide what to be”

Tom Brenner has produced a magical composition of words. And Then Comes Halloween is rich in description, effectively capturing the anticipation and excitement of preparing for Halloween. There is a beautiful pattern that appears with the arrangement of passages in the story. On each page the children wait for signs of the Halloween season before undertaking each phase of their preparation.

The children wait for geese to fly south before hanging decorations. They wait for neighbours to rake leaves before buying, scooping and carving pumpkins. They wait for the last day of October before grabbing their bag or bucket.

I’ve never really been a participator of Halloween festivities, but after reading this delightful book I know I’ve been missing out on something special. More than just trick-or-treating, And Then Comes Halloween illustrates that Halloween is about celebrating, preparation, cooperation, community and friendship.

To enter:

  • Leave a comment below with  your answer to this question, What other SIGG  bottle design (from the children’s range) do you think would make a great Halloween drink  bottle?
  • You will need to visit the SIGG website to find the answer to the question.

The winner:

  • One winner will be randomly selected with the assistance of  www.random.org.au to will win the drink bottle and the picture book.

Terms and conditions:

1. Each reader may enter only once.

2. Entrants must live in Australia  to be eligible for this give-away.

3. All entries must be received by  8pm (EDT) Monday 24 October 2011 to be eligible

4. The winner will be selected using www.random.org

5. The  winner will be notified via email and will  also be announced on www.mylittlebookcase.com.au, facebook and Twitter.

6. The winner is asked to send a reply email with their delivery address and the book will be sent directly from Flaunt Marketing.

Good luck!

Halloween Giveaway: Win a SIGG children’s drink bottle and a copy of ‘And Then Comes Halloween’(CLOSED)


  1. As Halloween approaches, “Kuromi” writes secret instructions and places them in a pumpkin coloured envelope.
    Then he places the envelope on the highest tree branch in his kingdom.
    He does not sleep until the envelope is gone, and once it is gone, he knows that the Halloween warrior is here.
    By the time that everyone in the kingdom is ready to gather for Halloween tricks and treats, Kuromi watches, waiting to see his instructions come to life.
    Then with fire and water there is an aeriel display like no other. From the sky falls food and flowers and wishes for the coming year to give great hope to the people.
    Halloween has done its scaring and sharing.

  2. The “Bright Eyes” in the 0.4 litre is a kind of scary one for Halloween!Any black cat scares me especially with glowing eyes!!

  3. “Bright Eyes” the cat yawned and stretched out his big black paws. His shiny black coat was glistening in the moonlight, his eyes glowed.
    Halloween was his favourite time of year. It was a night of celebration, fun and special treats. The witches,ghouls and goblins always came out to play. Everyone loved black cats on Halloween. It was his special night. A night when he was treated like a king and he just couldn’t wait!

  4. “Cuddle monsters” is a cute print for Halloween (and not too spooky for really little ones)

  5. Bright Eyes is a great design for Halloween. My boys would love the glowing eyes!

  6. Cuddle Monsters (Nr. 8261.70) is a fun and kid friendly design for Halloween.

  7. Rebella looks ‘dark’ and mysterious for Halloween.

  8. Kuromi whisper has some very scary secrets to tell about halloween come join her with her candy skeleton heads

  9. The Skullcake would make any young child happy this Halloween.
    Every young boy will want one. Ahhh to be young again.

  10. “Cuddle Monsters”. There’s no reason Halloween monsters can’t be cute..

  11. Skully would be great for halloween!

  12. Bright eyes would be my pick!

  13. Definitely “BRIGHT EYES” as witches and cats go together!

  14. Kuromi Whisper, secrets hidden within :)
    have tweeted and shared this gret giveaway
    thanks for a chance.

  15. Cuddly Monsters would be a very cool bottle for Halloween :)

  16. ‘Cuddle Monsters’ for the younger Halloweener.

  17. I think “Paranormals” would be a great halloween cup.

  18. Bones at night

  19. Kuromi Whisper

  20. Cuddle monsters…:)

  21. I’d have to say Bright Eyes. Love the sound of the book!

  22. Kuromi Whisper No 8238.40

  23. The skull cake would be a perfect design for Halloween!

  24. Bright Eyes here too

  25. skullcake – this looks creepy and young boys would love it. Aarrrggghhh!

  26. Primeval: love the dinosaur bones, very spooky!

  27. Thanks all for entering this comp. It really is a great giveaway.
    Using random.org, the winner is #19- Jasmine.
    I also just wanted to give an extra thank you to Kaye, Charl, and Brenda for included your ‘design’ into a little tale. They are brilliant.

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