Reading Accessory Give-away (Closed)


Did you like our Christmas gift ideas?

We have a reading accessory gift-pack to give-away featuring some of the handmade items featured on our gift guide.

This pack would be perfect for a toddler or pre-schooler!

The gift-pack includes:

  • Five Busy Honey Bees finger-puppets and lyrics (Fuzzy Creations, $15.00)
  • Library Bag Hook (Butterfly Artworks, $15.00)
  • Single Fairy finger puppet (Fuzzy Creations, $2.50)
  • My First Library bag in Dot fabric (My Little Bookcase, $15.00)
  • Set of 5 bookplates (My Little Bookcase, $5.00)
  • Fabric Button/Giant Paperclip bookmark in Dot fabric (My Little Bookcase, $5.00)

To enter:

Leave a tale below and let us know what your child’s favourite nursery rhyme is? Feel free to elaborate on your answer and share some adorable details. (You can enter for your grandchild, niece, nephew, grandchild etc- just tell us what their favourite nursery rhyme is.)

Terms and Conditions:

1. Each reader may enter only once.

2. Entrants must live in Australia. The prize will only be awarded to an entrant living in Australia.

3. All entries must be received by 7pm (E.S.T) on Friday 3 December 2010.

4. The four winners will be determined according to  a random draw.

5. The winners will be notified via email on Saturday 4 December  2010

6. The winners will also be announced on, and on Twitter

7. The winners must make contact with My Little Bookcase by 5pm (EST) on Monday 6 December 2010  otherwise the prize will be re-drawn.

Reading Accessory Give-away (Closed)


  1. Three-year-old Ava’s favourite nursery rhyme is the very first one that she learned, “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”. She has now added a slight variation, “Twinkle twinkle, Christmas star” to her repertoire.

  2. My son’s favourite nursery rhyme is Humpty Dumpty, because when they learnt this nursery rhyme in preschool they dropped a real egg and showed that it couldn’t be put back together – even with a bandaid!

  3. At the moment my 3 1/2 year olds favourite nursery rhyme is “Incy Wincy” Spider. But he likes to sing Incy Wincy Spiderman climbed up the water spout…

  4. My eldest grandchild’s favourite nursery rhyme at the moment, is “Three Little Kittens Lost Their Mittens”. The favourite parts are when we wag our fingers at the ‘naughty’ kittens and then pretend to cry. Next week we will have a new favourite.

  5. My daughter who is 21 months loves twinkle twinkle little star as she loves the hand actions too. She was given a bear that spins and sings twinkle twinkle little star too and she gets up and boogies as it is more of a dance version.
    Thansk for the chance :)

  6. My 17 month old little girl loves Row, row, row your boat at the moment. She sings this with her Daddy at swimming lessons and falls into the water at the end. Endless smiles and squeals everytime.

  7. As I don’t have childresn Humpty dumpty sat on a wall, this was one of my faourites as little girl, I also love seeing my little niece do it and clap when humpty had a great fall. So cute!

  8. Joshua (5) and India (3) have loved ‘Humpty Dumpty’ from an early age. So much so that whenever we do some cooking which requires the breaking of eggs, we have to sing it. Then once the eggs are cracked, we have to put them into eggshells and draw faces on them. They get out their Playmobil toy horses and sing the song, moving ‘the king’s horses’ around the bowl as they sing!

  9. My 23 month old daughter loves ALL nursery rhymes. Her Granny and Pa gave her a nursery rhyme book which plays the tunes of all the nursery rhymes. I often find her in her bedroom with the book on the floor and singing along to all her favourites!

  10. My 14 month old LOVES “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. He knows when it is coming up in his swimming lesson and starts to clap hands when it is next. He makes his little fat hands ‘twinkle’ and sings along with his own version “gikle gikle’. At night time he has a lullably cd which we play for him that features “Twinkle Twinkle”. Last night we found him fast asleep while it was playing but the little hands were still twinkling along!!

  11. Thank you to everyone for sharing your child’s favourite nursery rhyme. It sounds like Humpty Dumpty is a hit. A huge congrats to swimming lessons too for being excellent advocates for sharing nursery rhymes.
    As usual I wish I could give everyone a prize, but declared comment #10 the winner. So congrats to MAREE WARNER.

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