Activity: Family Photo Night!

This is a simple activity that encourages  family talk-time.

Inspired by:

Riley and the Curious Koala, by Tania McCartney and Kieron Pratt is a cleverly crafted picture book using black and white photos as the feature in the illustrations. Riley passes many well known landmarks in his search to find a Koala.

Activity ideas:

1. After reading Riley and the Curious Koala, enjoy your own photo night.

2. Search through your photo albums with your children and look for photos of Australian landmarks and Icons.

3. Reminisce and share your memories of the day the photo was taken.

4. Go further and make a book using your own photos. These instructions are written by Tania McCartney herself as featured on The Book Chook website.

Activity: Family Photo Night!

  1. It IS a great activity, isn’t it! I love the way Tania shows kids how accessible book-making is, and inspires them to try their own photography and story.

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