Celebrating books: The Golden Book Challenge

I was recently asked in an interview where my passion for books and reading began. At the time of the interview I didn’t think I could pinpoint a particular moment that sparked my passion but thought it developed from a series of circumstances in my life.

It was when my neighbour brought in two bags of her children’s (now adults) Golden Books that a fond memory came rushing back to me.

As a youngster, my mum would treat me each week while on our shopping trips. I didn’t get a lolly or a babycino, but a new Golden Book. From an early age, books were a treat for me.

I know I’m not alone in loving Golden Books either. When I launched My Little Bookcase at a handmade market I had the most beautiful handmade bookmarks, library bags and bookplates available for purchase. But, what shoppers really wanted to buy were the vintage Golden Books I was using as part of the display. Golden Books have a special place in the hearts of most of us.

I had many favourite Golden Books as a child. One of them was There’s a Monster at the End of this Book. For many readings it had me intrigued, and then it simply made me laugh. What are your memories of Golden Books? Did you have a favourite? Do you buy them for your children now?

So here I am, with a mountain of Golden Books. Some are in quite a poor state and I also have many double-ups. Regardless of their poor condition, I won’t be throwing them out.

I love the idea of immortalising them in some way, especially during Book Month. What should I do with these particular Golden Books? I’ve seen some inspiration on pinterest, but I thought you might have some good ideas. Are you up for a Golden Book Challenge?


Task: Think of a way to use/upcycle the pages or cover of a damaged Golden Book. They can be re-used in a creative or practical sense.

Do you want to be involved? Here’s how you can be a part of it:

  • a) If you have your own blog: Execute your idea and write a post about it, including photos. Use the InLinkz Tool (Add your link) below to add your post to the collection before the 30 August 2011
  • b) If you don’t have a blog: Execute your idea and take photos. Email the photos along with a description to info@mylittlebookcase.com.au before August 30 2011 and I’ll post them on the website.

Come back and visit this post to see what others have created with their damaged Golden Books, and invite your readers to have a look too. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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Non-Bloggers take on the challenge too

Kelly Devoil created a reading corner for her daughter's dolls. How cute!

Celebrating books: The Golden Book Challenge


  1. I had a huge stack of Golden Books when I was a child. My mum would buy me one each week after she’d put in her tattslotto numbers at the local newsagent. I had the Grover book and it was my favourite too. I also had my dad’s copy of Poky Little Puppy from when he was a child and I loved that story as well.
    I’m not sure about upcycling ideas at this stage. I’ll have to go and put my thinking cap on.

  2. I’ve seen them used as bunting at a birthday party, and I used some as clues in a treasure hunt at BabyG’s third birthday party.

  3. I will wait for a book fair to find some Golden Books to do something fun and interesting with.
    I had the Grover book too and absolutely LOVED it to bits.

  4. Sounds like fun! I’ll put up a post next week with my idea :-)

  5. I loved and still love Golden Books. I have seen some people use the pages from Golden Books to create wonderful art work and images for children’s bedrooms etc. Such a fun great idea…I don’t think I am going to find the time but would love to participate. N x

  6. oh I used to love grover the monster at the end of this book! wow that just brought back a ton of unremembered memories! thanks :) x

  7. Oh my! I have the most amazing idea! I hope I have time to get it together!

  8. I’ve done my idea for the challenge now and linked up! :-)

  9. I do have golden books but they’re all in good condition and being used by my children, so just thought I’d post the idea anyway – if someone wants to implement it…
    -You can use pages from the books and laminate it and use as placemats for the kids.
    -You could make a bunting for your child’s reading corner, or a mobile
    - Use the pages as a lamp shade for your childs bedroom – will have to stick it on to something sturdy I guess, the creative ones can do the thinking :P

    Will write again if I come up with more :)

  10. What a fun idea! I can’t wait to see all the projects. I’m going to try to do something, but we’ll see if I can find any that I can bear to tear apart. (A trip to the thrift shop is in order!)


  11. Same story here. Mum would always be buying up Golden Books and having three older brothers, theirs were passed down to me. I have also bought some for my daughter (4yrs). My dad is a hoarder which is not a good thing except when it comes to books. He brings over some with each visit to his grandaughter and I find particularly with the Golden Books, as we look over the pages and read them, memories and warmth floods into me. I must have scoured over those pages so many times. I remember every little details and my daughter loves them on their own and because mummy loved them so much as a little girl too. I couldn’t ever cut up one (even those in bad condition), but I’m loving what those above are doing with them – so creative.

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