Message in a Library Book

Message in a Library Book_My Little Bookcase

Tomorrow is Library Lover’s Day.

To encourage you to visit your local library tomorrow, I am re-issuing a challenge from our 2012 Little Book Adventure. The challenge to ‘spread your love of books’ received such wonderful feedback the first time around, I thought it would be a great way to show our library books some love again. You can see the original challenge here.

I often wonder too, whether the little notes and pictures we left in our library books were ever found!


How to play:

  • Choose your favourite book from your current library book stash

Message in a Library Book by My Little Bookcase

  • Download and print a copy of our letter head (or use your own stationery)

My Little Bookcase stationery

  • Use the letterhead to write a letter (with or without parent help) to the next borrower of the book. Examples include:

-Describing what you enjoyed about the book

-Describing your favourite part of the book or your favourite illustration

-Describing how you are similar to the book character

-Recommending another book that is similar to this one

-Drawing your favourite part of the book

-Drawng a picture to show how the book made you feel

Message in a Library Book_ My Little Bookcase

  • You don’t need to disclose your full personal details, but it would be nice to make the letter personal by writing your first name (or nickname) and age at the bottom of the letter
  • Slip the letter inside the pages of the book

Message in a library book_My Little Bookcase

  • Finally, make that special little trip to the library to return the book.

Message in a Library Book_My Little Bookcase

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Message in a Library Book


  1. Love love love this idea Jackie! I used to sometimes write small notes in my high school text books for the person who got that text book the following year to find!! haha! (naughty!) this is a great child friendly way to share a love of books! :) I’d love to find a note in our library books!

  2. Such a fabulous idea!!!!

  3. What a fun idea!!

  4. Love this idea, we are going to do this….. So if you happen upon the Hobson’s bay libraries, you may just find a little message in a book, he he.
    Thanks for inspiring us.

  5. Terrific learning post. Thanks for sharing on the Kids Co-Op which I host on Generation iKid as well. I’m pinning this one :-)

    Jennifer @ Generation iKid

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