The Little Book Adventure: Project #1 Results

We have over 150 participants registered to take part in The Little Book Adventure, and 36 took part in Project #1. I’ve also received many emails from others who began the project but didn’t quite finish in time.

I admit that the first project (although a good place to start)  was a time consuming and difficult one. I’m thankful that we had so many people embrace the project, and I really feel the need to highlight each and every entry.

Choosing a winner was made incredibly difficult because I felt that simply undertaking the task for the benefit of children made everyone a worthwhile winner. I also saw positives in each entry.

So without further ado, here is the Judge’s Report. I hope you’ll take the time to appreciate every entry before finding the winning entry at the bottom of the post.


I loved the following entries for their appealing and inviting atmosphere for children:

Robyn Fairclough and Denmark Public Library

Erica Sumners and Family

Jodi Wallace and Family

Peta Kennedy and Family

Tammy Tatnell and Family

Felicity St. John and Family

Nabeela Wahid and Family

Danielle Quarmby and Family

Melissa Squire and Family

Tammy Reid and Family

Jessica Lee and Family

Nic Taylor and Family

The following entries are clever because they are mobile and allow for children to enjoy their books in a range of places and spaces:

Jo Wilkinson and Winmalee Public School

Maria Pizzirusso and Family

Tash Sinclair and Family

Julia Mustac and Family

I just love the resourcefulness of the following entries:

Maria Pizzirusso and Family

Liz Carraway and Family

Cerys and Family

Melissa Ross and Family

Of utmost importance is making sure that books are accessible for children. This is certainly the case with the following entries:

Suzanne Hurley and Family

Rebecca Malo and Family

Monica McKinnon and Family

Catherine Gierak and Family

Jolene Humphrey and Family

Julia Mustac and Family

Laura ( You, Me and The Mindees)

I think the idea of categorising and sorting books is a great way for children to learn about different text types and themes. There were some clever organisational strategies employed in the following entries:

Amber Kite and Family

Christine Chin and Family

Carolyn Kendrick and Family

The following entries used more than books in their reading space. They embraced themes and included toys and props to create a rich reading experience for their children:

Kellie McCarthy and Family

Mandi Johnson and Family

Kerry Morris and Family

Rebecca Harvey and Family

Jodie McAlistar and Family

Natalie Duchess Cooper and Family

The entries below were submitted late which means that, unfortunately, they are not eligible to win. They are wonderful just the same and deserve a special mention too:

3M and Jennifer Snowball

Tristine Blackwell and Family


Thank you to each and every family, classroom and library that took part in this challenge. You all did a tremendous job, but there can only be one winner on this occassion. When it did come to selecting the winner, I used the following criteria to assist in making the final call:

  • Creativity
  • Appeal
  • Accessibility
  • Effort
  • Child involvement

Choosing a winner was an agonising task. There were many strong contenders who successfully met the majority of the criteria. However, there was one entry that brilliantly met all five criteria. What really made this particular entry stand out from the other strong contenders was the involvement the children played in choosing the theme and books that would contribute to the special book display.


‘The girls and I had fun rearranging some furniture to create our “Reading Corner”.

Cosy chairs and rainbows were the necessities according to my eldest. We decided to go for a rainbow look in the dollhouse , easy to just match up the colours.

We added a basket in the corner so we can quickly grab books and take them downstairs or for a ride in the car. Its filled with beach themed books this week, next week Easter books have been requested of course!

The other two bookshelves we have are hiding in the bottom of the wardrobe , they have all the larger books organised into categories

Finally the finishing touches include their favourite rug to kick their heels off on! A gorgeous “Magic Beach” frieze, a rainbow bear, a “Sail Away With A Book” print and my absolute favourite a tiny brainy smurf reading a book!!!

They gravitate to their new reading space so much! I now know where to look when all is quiet!’

Congratulations Erica Sumners and family, and to all who got involved with Project #1.

As the winner of the first project, Erica and her family have won a Tidy Books forward facing bookcase courtesy of Rose and Lily.

The Little Book Adventure: Project #1 Results


  1. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe we were picked!!! Thankyou so much, it must of been so hard choosing out of so many wonderful spaces! We have throughly been enjoying our book challenges and can’t wait for the third one!

  2. Congratulations Erica!

    All those entries looked so awesome, so beautiful to see so many books and so many smiling faces enjoying them -congrats everyone!! What a fabulous project run by an fabulous lady, can’t wait to see the other projects as they unfold during the coming months.

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