The Little Book Adventure: Project #4 Finalists announced and voting open

Project # 4 (Dine with a book character) was another time-consuming challenge, but I believe it was thoroughly inspiring, engaging and enjoyable for all who took part in the project and who watched from the sidelines.

There are three prizes up for grabs for this project, and the winners will be decided according to a public vote. My Little Bookcase has chosen six finalists using the following criteria:

  • Originality and creativity
  • Child involvement
  • Effort
  • Thinking processes underpinning the experience

Below is an overview of the finalists’ entries, and beneath these overviews you will find a pink voting box. I ask that you vote for your favourite entry after reading the entries.

Please also scroll to the bottom of the post. Although not every entry made it to the finals, each one was inspiring and worth a special mention.


1) Cat Conidi- Dinner with the Boy and the Penguin

  • Cat and Bebito created invitations using mosaic art.
  • Together, they looked through the Oliver Jeffers’ books for clues on what the Boy and the Penguin might like to eat. Bebito decided that this was a bowl of pasta with spinach (lasagne with spinach). ….and for dessert they made some star biscuits.
  • Using items from around the house (a cardboard tube, felt, pompoms and paper), they made the Boy, and used Happy Feet’s Mumble as the Penguin.
  • Bebito helped his mum and dad with the shopping at Adelaide Central Markets. He helped his mum make the Bolognaise sauce, while he and his dad assembled the lasagne.
  • Bebito helped set the table and made place mats with rockets on them. The dinner ended with Bebito saying, “Mama, it was the most fun dinner party I’ve ever been to!”

2) Catherine Gierak- Muffins with the Moose

  • This afternoon tea was based on the book, ‘If You Give a Moose a Muffin’.
  • Catherine and Arabella created a special invitation for the Moose and with a little help from Little Brother, Ethan, they created table decorations and placemats.
  • After deciding on chocolate chip muffins with raspberry jam, Catherine, Arabella and Ethan all got messy in the kitchen.
  • Once the muffins were baked and had cooled slightly, Mr Moose knocked on the door just in time for afternoon tea. {In reality it was daddy wearing paper antlers}.

3. Felicity St. John- Dinner with Heidi

  • Felicity and Saskia prepared for their special dinner with a field trip to the local Alps, where they checked out Chalet cuckoo clocks, spinning wool and churning butter.
  • They made their own Zopf,  cheese fondue and butter by shaking cream in a jar.
  • Saskia dressed up in a Dirndl skirt for their indoor picnic (Saskia’s bears were invited too), and could barely take it off- not even for bed.

4) Melissa Squire- A party with the residents of Apple Tree Farm

  • James helped Melissa plan a surprise birthday party for his little sister based on her favourite books, The Farmyard Tales. They kept the planning a secret.
  • After a visit to the local apple orchard, Melissa and James browsed cookbooks and the internet for recipes. They decided to bake apple cupcakes, apple slices with Toblerone dip, pikelets and fairy bread.
  • James and Melissa made mini apple piñatas for Emily and her friends.
  • All the little people who attended the party wore their gumboots, just like Mrs Boot!
  • Mrs Boot, Poppy and Sam all appeared on top of the birthday cake.

5) Nabeela Wahid- Afternoon tea with Little Red Riding Hood

  • Nabeela and her girls prepared a lovely feast for their afternoon tea which included scones with forest berry jam and cream, red velvet cupcakes, an assortment of red fruits and raspberry lemonade.
  • The girls dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf and they re-enacted the story.
  • Nabeela had prepared some Wolf food and also set up an art corner with Little Red Riding Hood colouring pages and a pin the tail on the wolf game.

6)Tash Sinclair- A Bush Party with Hush and Grandma Poss

  • Tash’s daughter loves the story of Possum Magic, where two possums journey around Australia eating as they go. There was no question that they would invite Hush for a bush party.
  • The beautiful gum tree in Tash’s yard became occupied by Hush. There were kisses, high fives and waves being sent from the window to that gum tree each night before bed for the next week.
  • Tash created an invitation and then her daughter placed it in an envelope, decorated it and put it in the gum tree for Hush to find and read. Tash took it down that night, took out the invitation and made the back of the envelope look like it had been nibbled by a possum.
  • For the party Tash and her daughter made lamingtons from Tasmania and pumpkin scones from Brisbane. They also prepared Anzac biscuits from Adelaide, Minties from Melbourne, a salad from Sydney, vegemite sandwiches from Darwin, and mini fruit pavlovas from Perth.



The following entries may not have been selected as finalists but their experiences were nothing short of inspiring. Images can be seen at our facebook gallery.

  • Melissa Ross’s children hosted a birthday party for spot, baking cakes and decorating party hats.
  • Kirsty Branagan took her daughter shopping before preparing a special platter for The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  • Natalie Duchess Copper has young children and cleverly hosted a green-themed food party for The Green Sheep.
  • Jodie McAlistar managed to complete the challenge while preparing to move her family to another country. Her son collected fresh eggs from the barn and decorated his own placemat before enjoying a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast.
  • Peta Kennedy wrote out a special recipe for her son. Together they made rice bubble slice in the shape of dog bones for Spot.
  • Erica Sumners  hosted a Terrible Plop picnic and served carrots and homemade chocolate cake and a special homemade fear-facing Terrible Plop Apple crumble.
  • Megan lives in America so wasn’t eligible for a prize, but her children invited the Moose from ‘If you Give a Moose a Muffin’ along to an elegant dinner party. They enjoyed some wonderful conversation while eating a muffin tray meal.
  • Cerys lives in England, so wasn’t eligible for the prize, but her children invited a Tiger to Tea.
  • Amber Kite hosted a ghost & spider themed afternoon tea for ‘Meg & Mog’.
  • Cath Connell and her son enjoyed a cheese-fondue night with the grandparents, which ended up like a page from an Asterix comic.


  1. My Little Bookcase has selected six finalists. The final decision will be decided according to a public vote.
  2. My Little Bookcase readers will be given the chance to vote for their favourite finalist. Each reader may only vote once.
  3. Voting will close at 9pm (EST) on Monday 16 July, 2012
  4. The three finalists with the highest number of votes will win an Ave illustrated plate.
  5. The finalist with the highest number of votes will have first choice of plates. The finalist with the second highest number of votes will have second choice.
  6. The winners will be notified via email and will also be announced on, facebook and Twitter
  7. The winners are asked to send a reply email with their delivery address within seven days or the plate will be awarded to the next finalist in line.
  8. The plates will be sent directly from Ave.
The Little Book Adventure: Project #4 Finalists announced and voting open


  1. So hard to choose :)

  2. Kelly said: On July 16, 2012

    What inspiring ideas! I love how you are encouraging book exploration in this way. Food has always been one of the bigs things that ‘sells’ me on a book. How can you not remember the amazing descriptions of food in the Faraway Tree, and then picture the mouse in the pudding sauce in Anne of Green Gables. Wonderful!!

    • …and I think the consensus is that once you start looking into books this way- you just can’t stop. :)

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