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Christmas Tree Stories for Children by My Little BookcaseLittle Bunny and the Magic Christmas Tree

Author: David Martin

Illustrator: Valerie Gorbachev

ISBN: 978-0763636937

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Candlewick Press (Walker Books Australia), 2011

This is a magical story about a little bunny’s adventure with some Christmas tree decorations that come to life overnight. It is a sweet story about family, imagination and the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Tree stories for Children by My Little Bookcase

A Christmas Tree for Pyn

Olivier Dunrea


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Philomel Books (Penguin USA), October 2011

RRP: A$30.99

Publisher’s Description: Christmas is coming. In the craggy rocks on the snowy mountainside, tiny Pyn has her heart set on decorating her very first Christmas tree. But, “No Christmas tree,” Papa says. Still, Pyn won’t take no for an answer. She knows that a Christmas tree is just the thing their cottage needs to make the season festive and cheery. Pyn is determined to find the perfect Christmas tree – no matter what. With this story of the love between a father and daughter, Olivier Dunrea captures the true spirit of Christmas.

Suitable for ages 3+

The Scrawny Little Tree

Ed Mehler and Susie Pollard


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Price Stern Sloan (Penguin USA), October 2011

RRP: $A9.99

Publisher’s description: Originally published in 1973, The Scrawny Little Tree tells of a destitute little boy who has always wanted a Christmas tree. He finally has saved enough to buy a little tree all his own, one with scrawny limbs and very few needles. But the boy’s love for his first Christmas tree is not affected by its diminuitive stature. His love and the magic of Christmas combine to make a strange and wonderful thing happen to the town . . . Told in rhyme and with retro illustrations, The Scrawny Little Tree is sure to become a favourite holiday tale!

Suitable for ages 3+

Slinky Malinki’s Christmas Crackers

Lynley Dodd


Format: Board Books

Publisher: Penguin Group (NZ)

Published in: New Zealand

Published: October 2010

This is a simple, funny and cheeky story that is suitable for all ages.  Slinky Malinki is similar to many little children around the world at Christmas time. With his busy little hands and inquisitive little mind he simply can’t help himself from exploring the Christmas tree.

The illustrations are large, bright and full of Christmas colours. This board book version means this durable book is great for little hands. With a long list of decorations, this book is a wonderful prelude to trimming your own Christmas tree.

Suitable for ages 1+ (★★★★)


Paper Angels

Emma Calder


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (Allen & Unwin)

Published in: United Kingdom

Published: October 2010

RRP: A$18.99

Publisher’s Description: The children are getting ready for Christmas, but bedtime arrives before they get to choose which very special angel to put on the top of the tree . . . So, while the children sleep, the angels work together to make this the best Christmas tree ever! With angels to cut out and decorate, this is the perfect companion book for the run-up to Christmas.

Little Tree

E.E. Cummings


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Dragonfly Books

Published: October 2010

Age suitability: 5+

Publisher’s description: A simple celebration of Christmas by a well-known poet.  Two children carry the scrawny tree away from a city street corner into the house, dress it up with pride and display it to an urban crowd from a glowing brownstone window.

The Little Christmas Tree

Loek Koopmans


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Floris Books, September 2009

Age suitability; 3+

Publisher’s Description: The little Christmas tree hates its sharp needles, and longs to have soft leaves like all the other trees. But will it be happier when its wish is granted? Perhaps it’s not so bad being a little Christmas tree after all…

Christmas Tree Farm

Ann Purmell


Format: Library Binding

Publisher: Holiday House,  September 2006

Age suitability: 4+

Publisher’s Description: Most shoppers don’t know that a family has worked all year long planting, pruning, measuring, and tagging trees. This vibrantly illustrated book shows the entire process from seedling to decorated tree as a warm-spirited family carries on a holiday tradition.

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

Robert Barry


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Doubleday Books for Young Readers

Published: October 2000

Age suitability: 5+

Publisher’s Description: Mr. Willowby’s tree was so tall, it couldn’t stand up straight in his parlor. Mr. Willowby asked his butler to chop off the top of the tree. What happens to the treetop? Where will it be for Christmas? Snuggle up with this story and follow along through a forest full of friendly creatures who get to share in a bit of Christmas joy.

The Beautiful Christmas Tree

Charlotte Zolotow


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)

Published: September 2001

Age suitability: 5+

Publisher’s Description: Mr. Crockett is neither handsome nor fashionable, but he knows a secret–all things need love and care. With years of attention and patience, he transforms his shabby brownstone into an elegant home and brings a scrawny, neglected tree to life, teaching his critical neighbors that beauty can be found in unexpected places.

Book List: Christmas Tree stories


  1. Thank you so much for this detailed list Jackie. It is crazy I know, but I have started buying books for this year’s Christmas. I am planning to do the book advent calendar again this year (it was a huge hit with my two kids last year!) and I am wanting to add a few new titles to our collection.
    Thank you again for creating so many valuable resources on your website :)

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Book List: Christmas Tree stories

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