Book List: Picture Books about Cancer

As we know, each family copes in their own way. Many families use books to help explain the situation to their children. There are also many women and children who find that writing their own stories becomes a way of coping. To recognise ‘Pink Month’, I thought I’d put together a list of picture books written to help families discuss cancer.

Each of these 3 books has been written by Australian women and recently published.

My Mum has Breast Cancer- A Family’s Cancer Journey,

by Lisa and Harrison Seward

This picture book, suitable for children (3+), was written by a cancer-survivor based on the journal she kept with her son. It has also been illustrated by her son. The book opens areas of discussion for families about cancer and all profits go to cancer organisations.

Can be purchased from the Breast Cancer Network

My Mum’s got Cancer, by Dr. Lucy Blunt and Eloise Osborn

(Jane Curry Publishing)

This picture book, suitable for children (3+), has been written with honesty and humour. It was written by a clinical physcologist, mother and cancer-survivor. It has been illustrated by her daughter, age 11.

Always Jack, by Susanne Garvey and Cathy Wilcox (HarperCollins)

This is the third book in the junior fiction ‘Jack’ series. The book cleverly discusses the effect of cancer on families, as young Jack finds the courage to help him deal with  his mum’s illness.

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