Book review for mothers: The Mum Who Roared by Christie Nicholas

As new parents I think we’re quick to stock up on parenting books about sleeping, feeding, routines and child behaviour while falsely thinking that our own health and well being will just take care of itself.

Mothers put their needs behind every other need of the family, and I’m certainly no exception. The cracks are beginning to appear in my own  mind, body and soul after two years of neglecting myself.

I just know I’m not alone. Motherhood is difficult. There seems to be a whole heap of guilt when it comes to the decisions we make for ourselves. For each mother, the cause of the hardship varies.

Christie Nicholas tries to put that guilt to bed with her book, The Mum Who Roared. Instead she is a voice of empowerment for mothers, encouraging them to refuel that fire their belly as a person. It is designed to guide you, not in your parenting, but in how you look after yourself as a person who also just happens to be a mother.

This book is jam-packed with information and inspiration for mothers of all types. It is a reminder that if you don’t look after yourself as a mother- your health, your mind, your dreams- no one else will.

The book covers a wide range of topics that commonly cause stress for mothers including self-esteem, community, relationships, health, appearance, time management and organisation, identity, money and careers. There’s bound to be a chapter in it that you are just waiting or needing to read.

It is very obvious that The Mum Who Roared has been written by a mother, and one with a strong desire to succeed vocationally too. Christie Nicholas has successfully managed a number of projects and businesses, namely Mum Swap and Kidsbusiness.

Here’s a run-down of the features I love about this book:

  • Thoughtful lay out: It is an A-Z Guide, making it a ‘pick-me-up-and-read-me-from-any-point’ book. It’s great for busy mums. You can choose a chapter that’s relevant to you at any point. The chapters are written in manageable chunks allowing you to read them around your busy schedule.
  • It’s authentic: Christie has surveyed real mothers and has included snippets of their experiences throughout the book.
  • It’s rounded: This book is filled with tidbits of advice. It doesn’t take one stance, but instead provides a range of opinions and ideas. For example, in the chapter about joining a group a range of views are included,  from mothers who have made lifelong friends with other women in their mother’s group to women who couldn’t think of anything more boring than the conversations that take place at mother’s groups.
  • It’s practical: It is filled with easy-to-read lists, such as 50 Ways To Nurture Yourself, Top Tips For Eating Healthily, Top Exercise Tips, Painless Money Saving Tips, Tactics for Building Self-Esteem and a range of different goal planners.
  • For extremely time poor mothers there is an A-Z summary of the key points covered throughout the book.
  • Goal Cards are included in the back of the book for you to cut out and use as daily inspiration.
  • It’s gently humorous: There are some funny stories and myths about motherhood included.
  • The Mum Who Roared has an accompanying website and facebook page for extra inspiration and motivation.

Find yourself a copy of this book and stop putting yourself last.

Book Details:

Title: The Mum Who Roared- A Complete A-Z Guide to Loving Your Mind, Body and Attitude After Baby

Author: Christie Nicholas


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Exisle Publishing, 01 September 2011

RRP: $29.95 (aud)

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How do you look after yourself?

  • Answer in a comment below before 8pm on Friday 30September for your chance to win a $40 Coles online voucher, courtesy of Christie Nicholas.
  • I will choose one person (Australian Resident only)  to win a $40 Coles online voucher.

Book review for mothers: The Mum Who Roared by Christie Nicholas


  1. The best way and probably only thing I can really have and do for myself is to read a book just before bed time. If im lucky enough and hubby is on night shift and I have a book I cant put down I will have a hot cuppa, some chocolate or toast and snuggle up in bed with my book

  2. How do I look after myself?

    I try to drag myself out of bed at 6am to go to bootcamp to ensure I get some excercise in a week, but of late this is getting harder and harder to do.

    • Wow 6am. You are motivated. 6am for me would be torture.
      Good on you though. That is inspiring!

  3. This is a tricky question and often I don’t look after myself at all. I mean, who has time right? When I do stop and think, okay I need to do something for me, a good book and a nice chocolaty snack always seems to do the trick. Also a visit to a local bookshop, by myself without the kids, is a great way to start things off.

    • I hear you Suzanne. I consciously made time for myself during September and I feel so much better in mind and spirit.
      I hope you make it to a local bookshop too.

  4. I don’t look after myself well enough but writing my blog is one way that I do. As it it something just for me

  5. hmm My favourite thing to do to look after myself is go to bed 15 minutes earlier than hubby so I get in some reading time. I make sure the book is fun and easy to read. Current book is At Home by Bill Bryson and I am going to be a little sad when I finish it (I am on the last chapter now).

    • I know how you feel. If I love a book I find myself rushing in through it until I reach the last chapter. I really slow down because I don’t want to finish it.
      15 minutes of reading a day sounds great.

  6. When I have a spare hour or two, I head off to my favourite bookstore that also doubles as a cafe. There I can indulge in printed material (newspapers and magazines as well as books) while having coffee at the same time. So caffeine, literature and a weekly Body Balance class (Tai-chi, yoga and Pilates) are what keeps me sane.

  7. I have a wander in my garden, and even better, a trip to a gorgeous garden center SANS cherubs is a wonderful way for me to spend some time not being mum. I’ve discovered a new (to me) bookstore near my parents house, so I’ve spent a lovely hour or so perusing shelves. Great post Jackie.

  8. I have only just started to look after myself after having two children. I went out and bought myself some watercolour paints and a lovely journal and have started painting again. I find it so therapeutic. My husband has even commented on how much happier I seem to be lately and my two girls aged 5 & 2 love joining in with their own art journals.. Next step is convincing hubby to section off a ‘studio’ in the shed for me, wish me luck with that one!

    • I think that says so much that your husband noticed a positive change in you. I hope you continue to find time for yourself. Sounds lovely.

  9. My 3 1/2 yr old goes to daycare 1 day a week and I have a general rule that I am only allowed to do housework for 2 hrs or the morning which ever comes first and the rest of the day is me time, whether that is catching up with a friend for coffee, window shopping, watching a mummy show, sewing or even a nana nap, and then at least I know I have had some me time each week.

  10. It is so hard to get time to myself but it occasionally happens. I know I should make time to exercise or rest but I would rather read or sew. Sadly, it is a treat when I can get my hair cut alone, lol, but I will be making more of an effort to put me first sometimes. Sounds like I need to get a copy of that book!

  11. I try (when I can) to buy a trashy magazine, close my bedroom door for 10 minutes, put some music on and just have some me time. Doesn’t cost much, no big outing involved. Just me a mag and my music (not kids music for a change!).

  12. I try to take some time out for myself when my 7 month old is sleeping and the 2 1/2 year old is happy occupying herself with books or drawing. Even if its only 5 minutes, I like to flick through a magazine or book with a hot cuppa, or even have a sneaky nanna nap!

  13. I organise time for my children during the week, my husband one day of the weekend and then, when they are all content having had some ‘quality time’ I nick off into a comfy, cushioned corner with a book, a coffee, my phone, my journal and catch up on all the ‘me’ moments which I may have missed in the week. After that I’m recharged and ready to go for the next week! :)

    • I think it’s great that your husband helps you to take some ‘me’ time. I need to re-start a journal too.

  14. Trashy mags and music- sounds like a lovely pre-kids ritual. Glad you still make time for it.

  15. …..and the winner is Elissa. I loved reading your comment Elissa. You really know what brings you joy and your family has noticed too. Very inspiring. I hope you enjoy the voucher.
    Thank you for everyone else for commenting too. I hope you continue to look after yourselves. A happy woman makes a happy mother and a happy role-model.

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