Book Review: Verdi by Janell Cannon

On a small tropical island, the sun rose high above the steamy jungle. A mother python was sending her hatchings out into the forest the way all mother pythons do. “Grow up big and green – as green as the trees’ leaves,” she called to her little yellow babies as they happily scattered among the trees.

Verdi was one such zestful hatchling set free to explore the forest. He didn’t understand why turning green was so important? After all weren’t all the adult green snakes lazy, boring and rude? All they did was lie curled up in the treetops whining and groaning.

Verdi on the other hand was vivacious, daring and lively. He admired his bright yellow skin and bold zigzag stripes. Catapulting his agile body from treetops and forming a perfect figure eight on his way down was his favorite pass time.

Despite all his futile attempts at staying young, one day Verdi’s skin peels away to reveal a pale green stripe. He begins to panic. In his frantic quest to remain yellow he finds himself in some rather hazardous situations, which result in an unpleasant injury that leaves him in the hands of his jungle-green friends to nurse him back to health.

During his time with them he learns some important life lessons, ponders and stops to marvel at nature and its creations.

An enriching moral story with realistic bright artwork and candid characters, this book is a great educational resource for any home or classroom. The bonus fact sheet at the end of the book is a welcome addition for young snake enthusiasts.

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  • Make your own tree snakes. All you need are some dry twigs, paper, scissors, crayons and your imagination!

  • Read up on the life cycle of the green tree python and make your own poster.

Book Details:

Title: Verdi

Author: Janell Cannon

ISBN: 978-0-86461-303-5

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Koala Books

RRP: $14.99 (aud)

Suitable for ages: 7+

Book Review: Verdi by Janell Cannon


  1. I am SO excited about this book! When you told me about it I ordered it straight away as Christmas present for Miss Possum. I can’t wait to get it in my hands to have a peak of it before it’s wrapped. I also adore the activities!

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Book Review: Verdi by Janell Cannon

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