Inspired by Junior Masterchef.

I am feeling so inspired by the adorable children on Junior Masterchef  that I haven’t been able to take my mind off kids cooking in the kitchen. I don’t know about you, but those kids have me in tears every episode. Most kids get excited about the thought of cooking in the kitchen: making a mess, creating concoctions, mixing, blending, rolling but most of all I think they love cooking for their families.

I know I did. I have fond memories of my first cookbook, ‘The Little Monster Cookbook’ by Jan and Michael Salmon (Lamont Books). As a child, I loved the monster illustrations that accompanied the simple recipes. I still have the cookbook; I flip through it now and realise that I never really cooked many of the dishes, but I certainly pored over the pages for years. There were some recipes that I made on a regular basis: Cinnamon Toast (Mum can vouch for receiving this as her Mother’s Day breakfast year after year) and Monster Spider Drink. I can’t wait to pass this book onto Miss Cam when she is old enough to join me in the kitchen. In the meantime, you’re never too young to peruse a good cook book, so I might start her on the ‘Farmyard Tales Children’s Cookbook’. Do you remember your first cookbook?

Did you see Junior Masterchef? Were you inspired to get into the kitchen with your children? Or if you’re children are old enough to stay up and watch it themselves, maybe they are eager to don an apron. I’ve put together a list of gorgeous children’s cookbooks in three categories: Current Cookbooks, Inspired by Classics and Stories & Recipes Unite. I hope you find something that you can share with your children. Maybe they’ll love one of these as much as I loved ‘The Little Monster Cookbook’.

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