Real Life: A Broken Camera

My family and I were excitedly beginning  The Reading Hour.  I was busy taking snaps when I dropped my camera. It landed on the lens and broke.

The damage is worse than it actually looks. There is an internal piece which is shaking around inside the camera, and the lens won’t retract or extend.

I can still turn the camera on, but this is the message I get:

It was certainly a basic camera, but it was so easy to use and produced some decent shots. The camera is at least five years old now, and I’m not sure that getting it repaired would be value for money.

Purchasing a new camera is not on the cards at the moment. With a baby on the way,  it’s just  not something we can afford right now. I’m certainly worried about the quality of photos I’ll be publishing here at My Little Bookcase.

But more importantly, I’m simply devastated that the only photos I’ll be capturing of our gorgeous newborn will be ones taken with my iPhone. :(

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Real Life: A Broken Camera


  1. Oh Jackie that’s terrible about your camera… :( It’s certainly a part of blog life these days and particularly necessary with a newborn… :(
    I really hope you find a solution. The iPhone thankfully does take pretty good photos… I actually feel a little lost now that I don’t have one because I feel like I miss lots of impromptu photos… memories I’ll have to store in my mind I guess!
    Hugs x

  2. I’m so sorry, Jackie. That must be horribly disappointing. : (

    • Thanks Bethany. I’m most certainly disappointed but I must tell myself to keep perspective. There are many worse things that can happen in life.

  3. oh no, I would be lost without a camera! but the irony is not lost on me that you have photos of your broken camera :P

  4. Oh Jackie that sucks… I cried the day I broke my camera.
    I wonder if you could ask friends and family to contribute towards a new camera instead of baby gifts? I’ve be devo not to be able to snap newborn photos.. though the iphone still takes really nice shots.

  5. Oh no! I would DIE without my camera, my shutter on mine broke & I was without it for two weeks, it was like I lost an appendage :( But I don’t have an IPhone & I hear they take pretty good pics, at least your are saved there, + unlike a regular camera you can jazz your photos up immediately in Instagram & stuff, so that’s a plus. Hope things look up for you :)
    xx melissa @ mamamiss (from the Picklebums link up too :)

    • Thanks Melissa. The iphone does take great pics. I just find the process to get them off the camera more complicated. Just something I need to get used to I suppose.

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