Real Life: A Broken Souvenir

If you’ve read this post about our wonderful exploration of Venice, you will know that Cam recently obtained some of the most amazing learning experiences; All spun from a discovery box.

It didn’t come without tears though.

Tears from Mummy.

We’ve never been the type of people to spend our money on souvenirs while travelling. We tend to spend it all on experiences. We usually bring home one special piece from the places we visit. From Italy, it was a gorgeous Murano glass fountain pen we bought from Murano, Venice.

While exploring the discovery box I put together for Cam, she accidentally snapped the glass pen.

How did I let it happen?

Here is Cam, showing an interest in the pen. It was one of the first items she pulled out of the discovery box.

Then the pen was placed on the floor while Cam explored the other contents of the box. Can you spot it?

I’ve highlighted it with a yellow circle. That’s right! It’s sitting right under her leg. As soon as she¬† moves to stand up, it snaps.

It’s only with hindsight, as I look back through the photos, that I notice the pen was under her leg. I should have moved it to a safer place. I should have known better. But I didn’t. I was too consumed by her wonderful reaction and interest in the box (and too busy taking photos).

I did cry. Literally

Cam was absolutely devastated.

As soon as Daddy got home from work she asked him, “Can you take Mummy and me to Venice. I want to buy Mummy a new pen.” *heart melts*

And thankfully it didn’t deter her from enjoying our month of ‘travel’ through Venice. Read about our adventures here.

Have your kids ever broken something special of yours?

Real Life: A Broken Souvenir


  1. oh no! I feel your sadness… and the sweet reaction from Cam… The things that happen in an instant. :( Glad it’s still been a rewarding experience.

  2. :( that is a sad thing to happen. Her reaction is so sweet though.

  3. oh no :( I feel your sadness, I do…months ago my littlest grabbed the strap of my camera off the table (ugh, what was I thinking placing it so close to him – oh yeah, I was distracted by taking pics, I wasn’t thinking) & it came crashing to the floor…I sat on the floor & cried…I called my hubs at work & he thought something happened to one of the kids…nope just my third baby, my beloved camera :( But you know what matters, is her experience and what she learned about her travels (and your travels :) And now you have an excuse to go back to Venice, and that’s definitely a plus!

    xx m

  4. Oh I love that she asked to go to Venice to buy a new pen… gorgeous girl.
    And you know.. despite something special being broken I bet you will remember the time you spent in Venice and the time the pen got broken which doubles the remembering of that item which makes it even better… I’m sure that’s how it works.

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