Real Life: Bookish photos from the cutting room floor

I’ve had a few people comment recently that Cam always looks so sweet in the photos I publish here and on our Facebook page.

I don’t want to mislead you in any way. Like any child, Cam is not always a cooperative subject. She’s happy to have her photo taken most of the time, but she gets extremely frustrated after I’ve asked for numerous shots (because of poor lighting, shadows or focus).

I’ve used this photo of Cam (taken in 2010) for a while now. I thought it was time I took some more recent photos of her with her book collection.

We recently had a bit of an impromptu photo shoot. I was hoping to capture that perfect shot to use during Book Week. For a bit of fun, I thought I’d share some photos that would normally only make it to the cutting room floor; photos that aren’t necessarily so sweet.

In this instance, Cam became a little un-cooperative. She thought it was extremely hilarious to pull silly faces, and then she refused to smile or even look at the camera.

The result is a heap of photos that are funny and amusing, but they don’t really scream, ‘I love books!’ do they?

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Real Life: Bookish photos from the cutting room floor


  1. This is so funny! I love the bottom left one. It’s as if she is saying “Nope, this isn’t fun anymore” :)
    My kids are the same. Any sort of posed shots usually end up with cranky kids…and a cranky Mumma.
    Thanks for keepin’ it real though!

    • I think they might have been her words Amber. I did get one good shot after this after promising that I’d only take one more. Poor kids, hey?

  2. Those photos are actually great! I have one who loves his pic taken and one who hates it!

    • They tell a lovely story- and contribute to our memories. Does your camera-lover appear more on your site than you other son?

  3. I’ve taken close to 1500 photos this month and only about 20 have appeared on the blog, the cutting room floor is littered with stories of badly framed shots, other peoples children in frame and silly faces being pulled at just the wrong moment.

  4. oh those photos are AWESOME! You should print that last one up big and frame it.. or better yet do the whole series framed!!!

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