Real Life: Is it time to take maternity leave from My Little Bookcase and blogging?

Hubby has been asking me to slow down for weeks now. He suggested a few weeks ago that when I can no longer slide in behind my desk that it might be time to take ‘maternity leave’.

That day has finally come at 35 weeks. I slid in behind the desk this morning so Cam could take this photo of me. There really is no room to move, not even for breathing. B2 is wedged firmly against the desk.

So can I take maternity leave? Should I take maternity leave?  These are some of the questions going through my mind.

Taking maternity leave seemed easy when I had Cam. Three and a half years ago I packed up my belongings, ‘handed’ my students over to their new teacher, finished writing their student reports, then closed the door and walked away.

For some reason, taking a break from My Little Bookcase doesn’t seem as easy. Even though I know that I should be spending these last weeks resting.

So much to my husband’s displeasure, I think I’ll move to the dining table and keep working for a few more weeks.

When did you take your maternity leave? Did you have trouble walking away from your work? How did you spend that time before baby was born?

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Real Life: Is it time to take maternity leave from My Little Bookcase and blogging?


  1. Maybe you should get a roster of guest bloggers to give you a bit of time off!

    I’m incredibly daunted at the thought of maternity leave. I’ve got absolutely no idea where to start – whenever I try to clear up space in my calendar I seem to fill it with at least five new projects! Hopefully you’ll be able to take a bit of time off and just blog about the extra special things.

    • I do have a number of bloggers who have put their hand up to write guest posts for MLB- I’m eternally grateful for that.
      But like you, despite my best intentions, I keep saying yes to, or starting new projects.

      I look forward to hearing about your journey too.

  2. Just having found your blog recently and loving it, I’d of course miss you, but it is important to take that time. Maybe you can just slowly slow down? Hard when your heart, head and body are all saying different things. :)

    • Very true- my heart, head and body are working against one another. I’m also glad to have found you recently.

  3. I’m supposed to be on ‘maternity leave’ now but I’m not doing a very good job of it! I was just like you when I took my last lot of leave – packed up my gear, handed over my students, signed their reports and left – this time it is far more difficult. In fact, I was looking at product samples whilst I was in early labour! I have certainly cut back on what I am doing at the moment though and only attending to the ‘essential’ items now that Master D has arrived.
    Good luck Jackie with the impending arrival. I’m sure once your bundle is here you will find the time for some maternity leave(even if it’s only part time leave) – it much easier to do once you have a beautiful newborn to cuddle.
    Caroline x

  4. That is such a cute photo. Could be the bump or the awesome desk! :) Or both! Yes, you should take a break! Start winding down now ready for the newborn onslaught! Relish in those guest posts and be assured we’ll all be here waiting when you’re back in full swing! :) x

  5. You look beautiful! I’m so impressed that Cam was your photographer. :) It’s so hard to let go, isn’t it? Maybe just post less frequently?

  6. You look fantastic Jackie. Its always hard to step back but you will be glad you did when you have two little ones to look after. Hope you are keeping well. Fx

  7. So hard to let this blogging thing go, in part because it is therapy and in part because of the wonderful community.

    I hope you find the rest you need.

  8. First time around I walked out of my last day of work after only an hour in pre-term labour and never looked back. I was so ready to go on maternity leave then…and leave all the chaos of work behind, but the second and third times, I didn’t walk away from my blog so easily… actually I really didn’t walk away at all.

    I think the difference is that my blog is not just a ‘job’ it is what keens me sane. So it seemed reasonable to be sitting here writing when I was desperately waiting for my middle child to be born (2 weeks over due) and it seemed quite normal to be sitting here tweeting away to distract me while I figured out if I was in fact in labour with my smallest (who was born a little over an hour after I got off twitter and headed to the hospital – so seems I really was in labour LOL).

    So my advice is go with your gut… blog when you want to rather than because you feel your should… and it will all work out in the end!

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