12 Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Christmas Book Collection

It’s time to dust off the Christmas books you’ve had packed away for the year.

If you’re anything like me, you may have a little Christmas book addiction. With so many irresistible books published each year, it’s hard not to add to the collection year after year ( you can see our very long Christmas book lists by scrolling to the end of this post).

Regardless of how many you actually have,  you probably wonder how you can possibly enjoy them all, in just 24 days.

Don’t fear, because I’ve collated 12 wonderful ideas that will help you make the most of your precious Christmas book collection.

12 Fun Ways to enjoy your Christmas Book Collection by My Little Bookcase

1. Create a special display/feature with your Christmas books.

12 Ways to Enjoy your Christmas Books_ Book Display by My Little Bookcase

2. Invite a different person (e.g. grandparents, aunties, friends etc.) to read a Christmas book to your child each day. This can be done in person, online or over the phone.

3. Host a Christmas story time at your local playgroup, mothers’ group or kindergarten. (Or you could just host your own mini story time sessions at home with siblings and toys)

4. Set up a special Christmas-themed reading corner for your child, allowing your child  independent access to your Christmas books during the lead-up to Christmas. You might like to decorate the area with tinsel, Christmas lights etc.

12 Ways to Enjoy Your Christmas Book Collection_Book Corner_ My Little Bookcase

5. Play ‘I spy’, and ask your child to choose a book from your collection based on your clues (e.g. I spy a funny Christmas book; I spy a book about a Christmas tree etc.)

6. Read a different Christmas book each day. Use your book collection to form your Advent Calendar. Wrap each book, and open a new one each day in the lead up to Christmas. Read our post that features 6 other Christmas countdown ideas for little bookworms.

12 Ways to Enjoy Your Christmas Book Collection_Book Corner_ My Little Bookcase

7. Add bookplates and write a special message in each of your Christmas books, as a reminder of what you love most about each book. Download and print our Christmas book tags or our exclusive bookplates.

12 Ways to Enjoy Your Christmas Book Collection_Christmas Book Labels_ My Little Bookcase

8. Make a chatterbox to help you choose which Christmas book to read each day.

12 Ways to Enjoy Your Christmas Book Collection by My Little Bookcase #8- A Christmas Book Chatterbox

9. Make a list of your favourite Christmas words (e.g. Santa, star, angel) and hunt for them in your Christmas books. Use a magnifying glass for some extra fun.

10. On post-it notes, judge and rate your Christmas books. On Christmas Eve, once you’ve read all of your books, award your favourite Christmas book of year. You might like to celebrate the winning book by re-enacting the story as a play.

12 Ways to Enjoy Your Christmas Book Collection by My Little Bookcase-#10 Judge your Books

11. Host a Christmas Book Swap Party. Display your Christmas book collection at your party. Ask each party guest to bring a Christmas book of their own to swap with one of yours. Use our invitation template.

12 Ways to Enjoy Your Christmas Book Collection_Book Swap Party_ My Little Bookcase

12. Choose a book from your collection to donate to an organisation or child in need.

Have a wonderful bookish Christmas.

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12 Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Christmas Book Collection


  1. What a gorgeous post, Jackie!! Such beautiful pictures and creative ideas. Sounds like so much fun! :-)

  2. i just love all these ideas and will be using many of them! Also really appreciate your book list as I am wanting to get some new ones to share with the family day care kiddos!

  3. Ooooo fab ideas Jackie! Our advent calendar is wrapped and ready to go.
    Love, love, LOVE that bunting in Cam’s playhouse.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a great post. Fantastic ideas and I really love the idea of creating a special Christmas book nook. I will be doing that this year. Thanks so much for all the ideas!

  5. Lots of awesome ideas here Jackie. You have an enviable Christmas book collection! Love the little reading corner.

  6. Hopping over from the kid lit bloghop and now I’m inspired by all these wonderful ideas – I love the Christmas reading corner and I’m also considering doing the book advent calendar. I love the way that yours looks like a tree :)

  7. How much fun! These are such unique ideas :) I’m so jealous of your Christmas book collection!

  8. I’m so glad I found your website just before Christmas! Fab ideas here. Reminds me of my daughters cubby too. We gave a play date Friday, so I’ll get the kids creating a book nook. Thank you & happy Christmas.

  9. That is a FANTASTIC list :) It was hard to pick a favorite activity to do :) But I am definitely going to follow through on the Book Swap the coming year! Thanks for sharing on Kid Lit Blog Hop!
    -Reshama @ Stackingbooks

  10. Ok, this was beyond fabulous and I am so inspired by all 12 of your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing it with us on the Kid Lit Blog Hop

  11. Amazing post! I just love Christmas and I’m so excited to start opening our Advent tree of books on December 1st. I absolutely adore Cam’s Christmas reading nook in the cubby. That is so magical!! What a lucky girl she is.

  12. Great ideas! We always read the same stack of Christmas books each year. I will have to search for some of the “delightful” books you listed to add to our collection.

  13. Thanks your ideas encouraging reading are always fantastic

  14. What a fantastic collection of ideas. I can’t wait for us to get out our Christmas books.

  15. Jackie, I absolutely love this post chock full of creative and inspiring ideas! Your Christmas book tags are delightful and such a lovely idea. I had forgotten all about chatterboxes – I think my children would get a kick out of creating and then enjoying these. I can’t wait to set up our Christmas reading area this year. Thank you so much for putting this brilliant post together :)

  16. You always have such great ideas to share Jackie. I actually keep any Christmas books out all year. Ha!

  17. What a great list, Jackie! So many fabulous ideas. Love those book tags and invitations. So cute!!

  18. So many fun ideas to inspire reading this holiday season! I love the little reading corner and christmas tree with books! Shared on our Reading PInterest Board.

  19. You have so many great ideas. I love the idea of wrapping the books individually and having the kids open one every day! That would be so much fun! Thanks for joining us in the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

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12 Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Christmas Book Collection

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