Reading Tip: An overview of general reading activities

You’ve  read the book, now what? Don’t just return it back to the bookcase. Leave the book out for a week or so. Spend a few days exploring the characters, setting and message or theme.

Sometimes it really is lovely to sit and read a story for the pure enjoyment of reading, and at other times it’s wonderful to follow up with an activity to help your child relate the story to their own experiences.

Below is an overview of general activities you can undertake after reading a story. We’ve also provided a few examples. As we add more wonderful content to this site we will begin to elaborate more on these ideas.

It’s important to always make sure that your child enjoys the activity, otherwise they may lose interest in the book. Follow up activities are designed to help children make personal connections with stories. Choose activities that suit your child’s interests. Always follow their lead. Don’t persist with a story if  they start to  lose attention.


  • Dress up and act out the story as a play (Get the whole family involved), or put on a puppet show.

Photos courtesy of Jeff Sandquist and Tiare Scott

  • See an adaptation of the story (film or performance)
  • Dress up and be the main character for a day
  • Sing songs that relate to the theme of the book


  • Create your own artwork based on the illustrations/artwork in the story (Jeannie Baker’s books are perfect for this)

'I hear two birds' by Kathy Panton featured butterflies

  • Create a mini-landscape to show the setting in the story (Look at some examples from Homemade Rainbows)
  • Make your own book
  • Draw a new front cover for the book

Find Out

  • Find out some information about the author
  • Find out information about where the story is set

Out and About

  • Go on an outing to a similar place to where the story is set (Eg. Visit the beach if the story takes place at the beach)


  • Use or make props to help enhance the story

  • Set up experiences where your child can play with objects that appear in the book


  • Talk about your favourite page
  • Talk about or play games with the words in the story (eg. Find all the words that start with ‘C’)
  • Talk about the illustrations (Play a game of ‘Spot the…..’)


  • Think about the message in the book
  • Think about what you would have done if you were the main character


  • Write a letter or email to the author
  • Write a different ending to the story
Reading Tip: An overview of general reading activities

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