An Illustrated Year 2013 Calendar: About Kylie Dunstan (Miss January)

About January’s illustration:

Kylie Dunstan created the first illustration of An Illustrated Year: 2013 Calendar. (Read more about the calendar).

The inspiration:

‘Walk to the Library’ was created especially for An Illustrated Year 2013 Calendar.

Walking to the library with her kids is all part of the fun of borrowing books for Kylie, and provided her with the inspiration for the image.

The artistic technique:

Kylie used paper cut outs and collaged them together.

She started by roughly assembling some papers together to sort out her colour palette then roughly cutting shapes and moving them around to find a composition.

Once Kylie was happy with an image, she refined the piece and glued the shapes down- Generally, not breathing whilst undertaking this step.

About the illustrator:

Kylie Dunstan worked in art galleries and museums before officially pursuing a career as a professional artist. Her first book Collecting Colour won CBCA Picture Book of the Year in 2009. Kylie’s artwork is inspired by her children, the places she has visited and the people she has met.

Kylie’s books include:

  • Collecting Colour
  • Hope for Hanna
  • Because you are With Me
  • The Red Bridge

A word or two with Kylie:

What do you enjoy most about illustrating picture books?

I love being in control (more or less) of the whole process: creating characters, designing the layout, making the pictures. I guess it’s a little like directing your own film and probably says a whole lot about my personality type.

Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming books?

Same, but Little bit Diff’rent was released in August last year (and received an outstanding review on MLB – thank you!).

I am now just finishing the artwork for my next book titled, This Way Up, due for release mid-2013. It’s about a little girl returning ‘home’ with her family after living overseas for a while. You can see some of the developmental images on the pic of my pinboard.

Can you give us a peek into your creative work space?

It’s quite cropped because it’s way too messy to show in full right now. I will have a clean-up as soon as I’ve finished the artwork for This Way Up.


  • Find and explore some of Kylie Dunstan’s other books
  • Find some other books that feature collage in the illustrations. Create a classroom display of these books
  • Compare and contrast a range of collage illustrations
  • Create your own image using collage

Love this illustration! Love the concept of our 2013 Calendar:

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An Illustrated Year 2013 Calendar: About Kylie Dunstan (Miss January)


  1. I really like the sounds of Same but Little Bit Diff’rent. These types of books really appeal to me. Kylie’s name sounds familiar but I don’t recognise any of the other titles. Think I will pop to the library and have a bit of a look around to see if I can find them.

  2. It’s wonderful to learn a little more about this picture and it’s illustrator! We all LOVE our calendar… can’t wait to hear more about February’s picture next ♥

  3. Oh I love her creative workplace. I work a little messy too :)

  4. What a lovely review, messy play rocks .

  5. Love these little insights…what wonderfully fun artwork!

  6. This is one of my favourite illustrations from your calendar :)

  7. Love ‘Walk to the library’ made me smile each time I walked past my calendar :-)

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