Have you met Wilkins Farago?

Wilkins Farago is one of our favourite publishers. Based in our home town of  Melbourne, they source, translate and publish beautiful books from around the world.

Read more about some of Wilkins Farago’s books here.

This week, Wilkins Farago is running an Easter giveaway. You could win a copy of I Like Chocolate and some Easter treats from Monsieur Truffle by simply liking the Wilkins Farago facebook page before Easter Sunday.

Win a copy of I Like Chocolate (a guide to eating chocolate) and you’ll find out what type of chocolate eater you are:

a) The Well-Mannered Nibble

b) The Shovel (particularly relevant for Chocolate Cake lovers)

c) The Piglet (can’t help get it everywhere)

d) The Melt (let the chocolate slowly melt under your tongue)

e) The Production Line

f) The Catapult

g) The Tug of War

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